Ellen: Hilary Duff Elixir Trilogy & Jake Bugg “Two Fingers” Review


Ellen April 15 2013 Preview

On April 15 2013, Ellen brings you into the new week with Hilary Duff. She’s here to talk about the final book in her Elixir trilogy. Then, D.L. Hughley and his Dancing with the Stars partner Cheryl Burke dance their way onto Ellen’s stage. Also, UK singer Jake Bugg is coming to perform his hit “Two Fingers.”

Ellen: Hilary Duff Elixir Trilogy & Jake Bugg "Two Fingers" Review

On April 15 2013, Ellen talks to beautiful new mom and author Hilary Duff about the final book in her Elixir trilogy. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Hilary Duff

It’s amazing that Lizzie McGuire has a baby. She was a Disney darling and one of the few child stars to avoid a total meltdown. Just think, what if Aaron Carter had chosen Lindsay Lohan? Would we all be shaking ours heads at Hilary Duff’s drunken antics instead? The world may never know.

Her music was the soundtrack to a generation’s pre-teen years. We learned that when life gets you down just say, “it’s so yesterday.” In 2013, Hilary has turned her attention to motherhood. She recently gave birth to the most perfect baby since Harper Beckham, Luca. Hilary is still working in Hollywood with the occasional guest role, but her attention is on writing. The final book in her Elixir trilogy, True, comes out April 16 2013.

Ellen: D.L. Hughley & Cheryl Burke

Recently, Ellen talked to Dancing with the Stars hopefuls Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough. Now D.L. Hughley and his dancing partner Cheryl Burke are coming to Ellen to show off what they are bringing to the competition. Will their chemistry top Kellie & Derek’s secret handshake and laughing yoga?


Ellen: Jake Bugg “Two Fingers”

UK singer Jake Bugg is only 18 and he’s got 60,000 Spotify followers and is performing on Ellen. He comes to the show on April 15 to perform his new song “Two Fingers” from his self titled debut album. His voice is unique and reminds me of The Beatles. You might not even know that you’ve heard Jake Bugg before. His song “Lightning Bolt” is the soundtrack to the new Gatorade commercial.


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