Ellen: Heidi Klum Saves Son From Drowning & Michael Weatherly Baby #2


Ellen April 12 2013 Preview

On April 12 2013 Ellen is bringing you into the weekend with the stunning Heidi Klum. She has an amazing story to share with Ellen and secrets from Project RunwayThen, Michael Weatherly from NCIS is telling Ellen about some on-set gossip. Also, get excited because Ellen is sharing her big underwear model search Down Under.

Ellen: Heidi Klum

Ellen: Heidi Klum Saves Son From Drowning & Michael Weatherly Baby #2

On April 12 2013, Ellen talks to Heidi Klum about saving her son from a rip current in Hawaii. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Heidi Klum has her hat in so many reality show rings it’s going to get hard to tell where she is. She’s of course the judge on Project Runwayher brainchild where designers go head to head to win their first show at Fashion Week and money to furnish their first clothing line. Now she’s judging on America’s Got TalentWhere in the world will Heidi pop up next?

She recently saved her son Henry from drowning in Hawaii. The seven-year-old got caught in a rip current that also took his nannies out to sea. Luckily, Heidi and her bodyguard boyfriend pulled them all to safety. I can’t want to hear the whole story on April 12.

Ellen: Michael Weatherly Baby #2

The star of NCIS Michael Weatherly is in Ellen’s studio on April 12. He just revealed that he and his wife Bojana Jankovic are expecting their second child. He told Us Weekly that they are trying to think back to their heritage to pull baby names. She is Serbian and he is Irish. Michael said he really loves the name Veronica, after an Elvis Costello song. The couple already has a daughter, Olivia, and baby number two will debut in October.


Ellen: Down Under Underwear Model Search

Is it really here? Ellen’s promised once again to give us her Down Under underwear model search. In hopes of getting the underwear model footage, here is my plea to Ellen. Feel free to sign it in the comments and share it with her.

Dear Ellen, it is Friday and you’ve been teasing us about that Down Under underwear model for months. You gave us Gluteus Mikesimus and we love him dearly. We feel that he would really love a pal to run around the Warner Bros. lot with. Also, it’s Friday and we’d all love some Aussie abs to unwind with.

Waiting on pins and needles. Thanks.


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