Ellen: Hayden Panettierre Nashville & Ed Sheeran “The A Team” Review


Ellen May 21 2013 Preview

Recapo update: This episode of Ellen has aired…

On May 21 2013 Ellen hosts an amazing show. She has British singer Ed Sheeran singing his latest single, “The A Team,” from his album Plus. Then, Hayden Panettierre from Nashville talks about the season that is shocking fans left and right. Also, don’t miss Sophia Grace and Rosie’s red carpet interviews from the Billboard Music Awards.


Ed Sheeran Sings “The A Team” & RED Tour With Taylor Swift

Ellen: Hayden Panettierre Nashville & Ed Sheeran "The A Team" Review

On May 21 2013, Ed Sheeran performs his single “The A Team.” Sophia Grace and Rosie share their night at the Billboard Music Awards and the red carpet buzz. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

In the last year, the name Ed Sheeran has blown up around the world. He went from being the ginger british dude that nobody knew about to one of the greatest performers on the radio. He’s now on tour with country-pop star Taylor Swift and sings a duet with her on her new album, RED.

Sheeran is singing his single, “The A Team,” on May 21.


Hayden Panettierre Talks Nashville Season 2

Former Disney and Heroes star Hayden Panettierre is sharing with Ellen secrets from the rest of this season of NashvilleThe show has a cult following and picked up a gem with Panettierre. The premise is that an older country singer, played by Connie Britton, and a young gun, played by Panettierre, butt heads in the music scene. From there, things spread out into the scandalous and outrageous lives of the characters. The show sounds like it could rattle even the juiciest soap opera.

Sophia Grace & Rosie At the Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet

Clad in their brightest and pouffiest dresses, British darlings Sophia Grace and Rosie reported from Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards red carpet. They girls tweeted how excited they were to see Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. Now they are sharing the evening with Ellen and her audience. Who did they meet, what did they think of the show and where is Ellen sending them next?

On My 21, check back here for Sophia Grace and Rosie buzz and a review of Ed Sheeran’s latest performance.


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