Ellen: Harry Connick Jr “Every Man Should Know” & Kai Langer Performs


Ellen May 8 2013 Preview

Recap Update: Here are the segments from today’s show:

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On May 8 2013, Ellen brings you Ellen the Musical. Well, almost. Harry Connick Jr is coming to the show. His warm up band is the adorable Kai Langer, the four-year-old that loves to sing Bruno Mars. The last time he was here, Kai got to meet Bruno Mars. Get ready for handsome crooners and adorable kids on ElleMay 8.


Ellen: Harry Connick Jr "Every Man Should Know" & Kai Langer Performs

On May 8 2013, Ellen is talking to Harry Connick Jr about his upcoming album Every Man Should Know. Four-year-old Kai Langer brings more Bruno Mars songs. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Harry Connick Jr Every Man Should Know

Did you know that Harry Connick Jr is the only person to ever co-host Ellen with Ellen DeGeneres? Use that at your next cocktail party.

The handsome country crooner and actor is coming back to Ellen on May 8 to have a little chat with his good pal. His new album, Every Man Should Know, comes out on June 11. You still have plenty of time to get a pre-order.


Kai Langer Performs Bruno Mars

Ellen couldn’t get a hold of her latest YouTube obsession, so she invited Kai Langer back to make us all go “awww!” Who doesn’t love talented kiddos from YouTube? Okay, then you guys need to go to the back of line because you’re mean. Kai is coming back to tell Ellen about that one time when he met Bruno Mars and to perform another Bruno Mars song. Crossing my fingers for “When I Was Your Man.”

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