Ellen: Felicity Huffman WhatTheFlicka.com & Ellen Underwear Model


Ellen February 25 2013 Preview

Recapo Update: The recaps for this episode are now available:

Ellen: Felicity Huffman WhatTheFlicka.com & Underwear Model Winner

On February 25 2013, Ellen is talking to Felicity Huffman about WhatTheFlicka.com. (s_buckley / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen is bringing her friend Felicity Huffman to her show to play a friendly competition and talk about her new job at WhatTheFlicka.com. The first ever “Ellen Underwear Model” contest comes to a close as Ellen picks her winner. Then, Ellen is surprising two teachers with something too big for her to even preview.

Ellen: Felicity Huffman WhatTheFlicka.com

After leaving one of the biggest television shows of all time, Desperate Housewives, Felicity Huffman is looking for a new day job. One of the new trends for actresses who are in between jobs is starting a blog or website.

Dianna Agron and Zooey Deschanel have both created websites, and now so has Felicity Huffman. WhatTheFlicka.com is a haven for moms and domestic goddesses. She has features on books, fashion, family, cooking and life. She’s here to help you survive life as a mom and obsesses over the newest thing.


Huffman will then do a friendly competition with Ellen and discuss her husband, William H. Macy.

Ellen: Underwear Model Finalists

The first ever “Ellen Underwear Model Search” is heating up and the finalists are here to take it all off for the camera. On Monday, Ellen is choosing the winner of the underwear contest that has kept us laughing and oh-ing all months. Take a look back at some of our coverage of this historic event on Ellen. Who isn’t looking forward to these guys strutting their stuff?

Ellen: Surprising Teacher

Ellen loves to give back to people who help the world become a better place. She’s going to give a big surprise to two teachers on Monday February 25 2013.

It was just a small blip of a preview in between Friday’s segments. Even we aren’t sure what’s going to go down, but knowing Ellen it will be something to help these teachers continue their good works.


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