Ellen: Eva Mendes & Beth Stern


Ellen: Eva Mendes Interview

There’s no denying that Eva Mendes has that Hollywood glamour. But in addition to being stunningly beautiful, she also has amazing talent, and she’s showcasing it in her latest role. Eva Mendes stars in the upcoming movie Girl In Progress, and she’s telling Ellen DeGeneres all about this special project.

Ellen: Eva Mendes Interview

Ellen will grill actress Eva Mendes about her Ryan Gosling romance rumors on May 7 2012. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


The two will chat on the upcoming Monday May 7 2012 episode. Plus, Ellen is asking questions about the persistent rumors of romance swirling around Eva’s life. Is it true that she is spending time with handsome lifesaver and leading man Ryan Gosling? Also, you won’t want to miss it when these two ladies go head to head in a game of Taboo.

Taboo is one of my favorite party games, but it’s always funny to see Ellen invent new ways to beat her guests at whatever game they’re playing. You know she’s got to have something cooked up for Eva’s appearance.

Ellen: Beth Stern Interview

What is it like to be married to Howard Stern? Recently, his fellow America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne revealed that he has a softer side on their reality show. But what happens when the cameras are off and he’s at home with his family?


We may find out when his wife, Beth Stern, talks with Ellen. They’re also talking about her new home makeover series Mom Caves. That sounds like a good balance for Howard’s outrageous personality. We’ll have to see what his wife really thinks during her Ellen appearance on May 7 2012. Set your DVRs for this one, or be sure to check Recapo and read all about what you missed.

Ellen: Viewer Surprises

You know that Ellen is going to wrap up her season with a bang. That’s why she’s giving away all kinds of gifts and surprises to lucky viewers. There have been countless gift cards, plus a good number of cars, a surprise home remodel, and even a brand new house.

What is Ellen giving away next? Her latest surprise for a lucky viewer is coming up on the Monday May 7 2012 episode, so get ready to start the week off with a smile, thanks to Ellen.


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