Ellen: Colin Farrell Dead Man Down & Steve Spangler Weird Science


Ellen February 27 2013 Preview

On February 27 2013, Ellen is getting sexy with Colin Farrell, star of Dead Man Down. She’s bringing science guy Steve Spangler in for some cool new experiments that are sure to wow. Then, she’s helping an at risk youth have a better future and achieve her dreams.

Ellen: Colin Farrell Dead Man Down

Ellen: Colin Farrell Dead Man Down & Steve Spangler Weird Science

On February 27 2013, Ellen is kissing and talking to Colin Farrell. (Brad Camembert / Shutterstock.com)


Whenever Colin Farrell comes to Ellen he gets her in trouble, usually by kissing her. I have a feeling Portia is completely OK with this. Every time the kissing gets a little deeper, so expected something close to a full on make out on February 27.

Farrell is promoting his film Dead Man Down. The film has Farrell playing a mob enforcer who is investigating the murder of his family. Terrence Howard plays his former boss who he seeks revenge against. Farrell talked to Jay Leno about the film, out March 8, and said it is the return of the film noir. Noomi Repace plays a femme fatale who enlists Farrell to help her exact her revenge.

Ellen: Steve Spangler Weird Science

Steve Spangler has brought Ellen chemical light shows and exploding bouncy balls. He’s exposed her audience to mildly toxic fumes in the name of weird science. On February 27, Spangler is going to blow the roof off Ellen’s studio. Something tells me Universal Studios might not like that, but it’s sure to look cool!


Spangler is bringing weird experiments in hopes of getting kids excited about exploring and learning about science. Don’t try this at home, kids.

Ellen: Pay It Forward

Also on February 27 2013, Ellen is fulfilling her be kind to one another mantra. She’s going to help a woman help an at risk youth. No matter what Ellen does, it’s sure to inspire these people to be kind and pay it forward.


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