Ellen: Chris Colfer “The Enchantress Returns” & Alison Sweeney Jenga


Ellen May 2 2013 Preview

Recapo update: This episode has aired…

On May 2 2013, Ellen DeGeneres brings more of her favorite moments from the last 10 seasons. She’s digging a little deeper in the vault for season eight’s best moments. The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney talks about her love of competition. Also, everyone’s favorite Glee-tastic star, Chris Colfer is playing with Ellen. Then, Michael Buble serenades us with his song, “Beautiful Day,” from To Be Loved. May 2 is a beautiful day on Ellen.


Ellen: Chris Colfer "The Enchantress Returns" & Alison Sweeney Jenga

On May 2 2013, Chris Colfer talks about the second book in his Land of Stories series, The Enchantress Returns. Alison Sweeney plays Jenga revenge. (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Biggest Loser: Alison Sweeney Plays Jenga With Ellen

The last time that Alison Sweeney was on Ellen they had one of their most memorable moments. She and her husband are obsessed with Jenga. She and Ellen put together a game of giant Jenga. The competition was fierce. It ended with Ellen pushing Alison into the Jenga tower. We’re looking forward to a rematch.

Chris Colfer Glee Season Finale & The Land Of Stories

Chris Colfer is one of the most loved stars on television. Not only is he the talented Kurt Hummel on Gleebut he’s a director, writer, award-winner and advocate for the arts. What can’t Chris Colfer do? I imagine he has some trouble finding time to sleep.


Colfer talks about the season finale of GleeIt’s going to be an exciting episode for fans of Kurt and Blaine (Darren Chris). SPOILER ALERT: there could be a proposal on the way.

Also coming up for Colfer, his second book in The Land of Stories series, The Enchantress Returns, is coming to bookstores and e-readers on August 6 2013. His been furiously writing to give his fans more reasons to love him.

Michael Buble Sings “Beautiful Day” & To Be Loved Review

As if you needed more reasons to love May 2, Ellen brings us another amazing singer, Michael Buble. Buble is singing his hit song “Beautiful Day” from his new album, To Be Loved. Buble is expecting his first child, a boy, this August.


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