Ellen: Cee Lo Green & Victoria’s Secret Model Miranda Kerr


Ellen: Cee Lo Green Interview

If you’re a fan of The Voice, you’ve come to know Cee Lo Green as the bald, cat-loving judge facing off to lead his team to victory. Fans of pop music know his huge hit songs from recent years, including “Crazy” and “Forget You.”

But fans of The Ellen DeGeneres Show know him from a game the host loves to play, called What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap? I suspect there will be some awesome things in Cee Lo’s lap when he visits the show on her April 9 2012 episode.


Ellen: Cee Lo Green Interview

Will The Voice's Cee Lo Green confront Ellen about her game, What's On Cee Lo's Lap? Find out April 9 2012. (Image Credit: Left Eyed Photography / Shutterstock.com)

Get ready for laughs and a few surprises. I wonder what his reaction will be to her popular but silly segment, where she animates clips of The Voice to insert pickle jars or a cobra into Cee Lo’s lap. You can see it for yourself in the April 9 2012 show, so don’t forget to set your DVR.

Ellen: Miranda Kerr Victoria’s Secret Model

The name Miranda Kerr may not ring a bell, but the face might. She’s part of the 2012 Victoria’s Secret swim collection, and you know as a model she is very beautiful. Maybe her picture will jog your memory.


Or maybe you’ve seen her on the arm of husband Orlando Bloom, with whom she has a son, Flynn. Miranda Kerr is stepping off the beach and onto Ellen’s stage to talk about being part of one of the biggest swimsuit modeling campaigns of the year.

If you had one question to ask a supermodel, what would it be? Mine is, how do you have such self control about what you eat?

Ellen: Chloe & Halle Bailey Performance

Sadly for Ellen, her British superstars Sophia Grace and Rosie have flown back across the pond, which means she can’t trot them out once a week for tea and rap songs. Instead, she will have to focus her precocious talent search elsewhere.

For the April 9 2012 episode, Ellen is inviting back Chloe and Halle Bailey, the Atlanta girls who love to perform. They will be on Ellen’s stage to kick off the week, but will they tell any stories about fairies? You’ll have to watch the show to find out, or visit Recapo to catch up on anything you missed.


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