Ellen: Brad Paisley Wheelhouse Release & Jerry O’Connell Scary Movie 5


Ellen April 9 2013 Preview

On April 9 2013, prepare for all-new Ellen and more from her trip to Australia. Ellen visits Portia’s grammar school. Jerry O’Connell and Ellen talk about his new film, Scary Movie 5. Then, country music sensation Brad Paisley shows up to perform “Southern Comfort Zone.”

Ellen: Brad Paisley Wheelhouse Release & Jerry O'Connell Scary Movie 5

On April 9 2013, Ellen has a CD release party with Brad Paisley and hears about Jerry O’Connell’s family. (Randy Miramontez / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen: Portia’s Grammar School

During her visit to Australia Ellen visited a lot of her fans. One of the places she got to go was her wife’s grammar school. Portia and Ellen got to hang out with the kids, who couldn’t believe Ellen Degeneres was there.

Ellen: Jerry O’Connell Scary Movie 5

Jerry O’Connell is a good friend of Ellen’s. It’s always fun when he stops by to share comical stories of his family. Jerry is married to Rebecca Romjin and they have twins. Here’s hoping Jerry brings family photos from Easter. I’m dying to see some funny Easter bunny photos and I feel like his kids would really bring it.

Jerry’s newest film is Scary Movie 5. As if one horrible spoof of a horror movie wasn’t bad enough, this one has Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan. While Sheen and Jerry might be able to save the film, Lohan just makes it a joke. Make no mistake, I will be seeing this train wreck…when it hits Redbox.


Ellen: Brad Paisley “Southern Comfort Zone”

While it’s starting to warm up, what we really need to make it feel like summer is a good country CD. Ellen knows just what we need. Brad Paisley’s new album Wheelhouse is out on April 9 and he’s having a release party with Ellen. Tune in and check back here for the performance of “Southern Comfort Zone.” Sounds like a place I want to be.


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