Ellen: Andrew Garfield Spider-Man & Edie Falco Nurse Jackie


Ellen: Andrew Garfield Interview

Did you know that Spider-Man is about to return to the movies? But there’s a twist. A new actor is donning the red and blue suit for a reboot of the film and comic franchise. Ellen DeGeneres will find out what it’s like to take on such an iconic role when she chats with Andrew Garfield on her April 3 2012 show.

Ellen: Andrew Garfield Interview

Ellen DeGeneres will introduce new Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield on her April 3 2012 show. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Andrew Garfield is currently starring in the Broadway revival of the well-loved play Death of a Salesman, but he took time out to visit Ellen and fill her in on everything he’s been up to. He was Mark Zuckerberg’s best friend Eduardo in the hit movie The Social Network, and now he’s getting ready for an even more high profile movie role. At least he’s not playing Spider-Man on Broadway.

Who is your favorite superhero movie character?

Ellen: Edie Falco Interview

She has been entertaining us for years in TV series such as Oz and The Sopranos. Now, Edie Falco is getting ready to kick off her fourth season as the troubled Nurse Jackie. Edie Falco will visit Ellen on her April 3 2012 episode to talk about the upcoming season of her show.


Maybe she’ll also give an update on her real life children, which are not to be confused with the family, friends, and lies her character is constantly juggling on the cable series. It’s hard to pick a favorite Edie Falco role, because she’s such a talented and engaging actress.

Be sure to check out Edie Falco’s Ellen interview so you can get some scoop on the new season before it kicks off on Showtime this weekend. Set your DVR now so you don’t forget.

Ellen: Know Or Go Game

Ellen’s hilarious Know Or Go Game is coming back on April 3 2012. It looks easy from the comfort of your living room. But it’s probably a lot harder in person, as we’ll probably find out when three new contestants attempt to tackle Ellen’s brand of trivia and silliness.

Plus the inspiring story of a dedicated college student and athlete that will push you to follow your dreams and pursue your goals.


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