Drew Barrymore, Octavia Spencer & Flo Rida: Ellen June 27 2012 Preview


Ellen June 27 2012 Preview

First off, whoever writes the the previews for Ellen should be fired. This week’s previews begin with, “The funny ladies are taking over! This week, our funny lady is sitting down with some of the funniest ladies in the business. You won’t want to miss a single day!” Despite how painfully banal the previews sound, Ellen does have a cool show lined up for Ellen June 27 2012, with special guests Drew Barrymore, Octavia Spencer, and Flo Rida.

Ellen: Drew Barrymore Big Miracle Review

Ellen June 27 2012 Preview: Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore and Octavia Spencer are guests on Ellen June 27 2012. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen will have actress Drew Barrymore on the show to talk about her new movie Big Miracle. They’ll also talk about Drew‘s marriage to art consultant Will Kopelman.

Honestly, it’s surprising to even hear her name. Really, what happened to her? Her career seemed to be going pretty strong around the turn of the century and shortly thereafter, but for the last few years, it’s seemed a lot weaker.

Ellen: The Help‘s Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for her work in The Help. The previously unheard-of actress is going to tell Ellen all about how much her life has changed. Octavia has played in many well known films before, including Bad Santa and Seven Pounds among others, but this is the first one that she’s received a lot of personal recognition for. She was even nominated for an Oscar!


Ellen: Flo Rida “Good Feeling” Performance

Flo Rida is a talentless hack. He’s everything that’s wrong with modern popular rap music. He and so many other radio friendly “rappers” have taken a genre that has the potential to be so funky and poetic and made it into something mindless. They’ve watered it down to the point that it’s unrecognizable to its predecessors or even to more thoughtful modern rap.

Nevertheless, he will be on Ellen to perform his hit song, “Good Feeling.”

Anyone who likes the Etta James sample in the song should check out the song from which it was taken, “Something’s Got A Hold On Me.” Pretty Lights‘ also sampled the song on “Finally Moving” off their album Taking Up Your Precious Time.


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