Jason Mraz ‘The Woman I Love’ MP3 & 2012 Tour With Christina Perri


Ellen: Jason Mraz Music & Happiness

Ellen DeGeneres said she loves and appreciates Jason Mraz’s music. He praised the talk show host for giving it such a prominent role in her show. Ellen said that’s because it’s such an integral part of life.

“Music is the weapon in the war against unhappiness,” Jason Mraz said. Ellen said she got a sneak preview of “I Won’t Give Up” before it was released, and she fell in love with the song back then. But when she tried to reach out to Jason about it, she learned he was in Antarctica.


Ellen: Jason Mraz Antarctica

Jason Mraz performed & told Ellen about his recent Antarctica trip with Al Gore. (Image Credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Jason Mraz & Al Gore Antarctica

Jason Mraz said he was in Antarctica with Al Gore, learning about climate change and hanging out with penguins. He and Ellen agreed that penguins are not the freshest smelling animals. While on the trip, Jason got a chance to share music with the researchers who’ve been working there for extended periods.

Surprisingly, Jason said they have a gift shop in Antarctica, which is where he picked up a bumper sticker during his visit. I guess there’s nowhere you can travel to that doesn’t have a gift shop.


Ellen: Jason Mraz “The Woman I Love” MP3 & Performance

Earlier this year, pop singer and songwriter Jason Mraz recently performed his hit song “I Won’t Give Up” for Ellen DeGeneres. Today, he returned to the show to sing another of his new songs, “The Woman I Love.”

Download an MP3 of “The Woman I Love” by Jason Mraz.

Ellen: Jason Mraz Love Is A Four Letter Word MP3 Album Download

Both of the songs from Jason Mraz’s recent Ellen performances are featured on his latest album release, called Love Is A Four Letter Word. It is his fourth studio album since his debut release 10 years ago.

Over the last decade, he has built a loyal following thanks to the authenticity, wordplay, and catchiness of his pop tunes, which have found success via radio airplay as well as the digital music revolution.

His latest release is available on CD or for digital download. Download the Jason Mraz Love Is A Four Letter Word MP3 Album.

This edition features live bonus tracks, a digital booklet, and exclusive video. You can preview the songs before your purchase using the player below.

Ellen: Jason Mraz Fall 2012 Concert Tour

Jason Mraz is taking his tour around the world, starting out in Asia in June 2012. The later this fall, Jason Mraz is kicking off his 2012 Tour Is A Four Letter Word concert series in support of his latest album.

Joining him on this tour is Christina Perri, whose own haunting pop ballads have been gaining notice from music fans. Have you heard her songs like “Jar of Hearts” and “Arms”?

US tickets will go on pre-sale for Jason Mraz fan club members on April 17 2012. The tour kicks off August 9 2012 at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Waiting until the fall to start this tour could prove to be a shrewd move by Jason Mraz and his team. This summer concert schedule is already filling up, with a variety of competing touring festivals and anticipated concerts, including the pairing of Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw and an upcoming tour featuring a collection of memorable bands from the 1990s.

Have you made plans to attend any summer concerts or festivals this year? What are you most looking forward to on your personal concert calendar?

Ellen: Tom The Cat RIP

Ellen recalled that when she and Portia De Rossi bought their farm years back, they inherited a feral cat named Tom, who quickly became part of their family. “He was the most special cat I have ever known. He was tame, he was fearless, he was loving, and he became part of our family,” she said. “He slept inside every single night.”

Sadly, Tom had a stroke on Sunday and passed away on the morning this show was taped. “We’re going to miss him like crazy,” Ellen said, showing pictures of the cat to conclude today’s show.


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