Ellen: Will.i.am Custom Built Car & Will.i.am “#ThatPower” Performance


Ellen: Will.i.am Builds Custom Car To Help Kids Learn

Ellen: Will.i.am Custom Built Car & Will.i.am "#ThatPower" Performance

Ellen talked with Will.i.am about his custom built car and she watched him perform his hit single “#ThatPower” off his new album #WillPower.
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Ellen invited seven time Grammy award-winning superstar Will.i.am onto the show today and the first thing she wanted to talk about was his custom built car parked outside the studio. Will.i.am said it took him about two years to build his dream car but he didn’t do it alone.


There were two reasons he made the car. One reason was because he was tired of seeing all these cool cars on the internet that he couldn’t buy and the second was to help children. After he watched the documentary Waiting for Superman he became annoyed that America is spending so much money on prison systems and spending the bare minimum on education.

He wanted to be the next Superman for kids. He wanted to get them interested in science and math, courses many students are slacking in. So he partnered up with a man named Dean Kamen, a professor who teaches children about robotics, to find kids to help him build his car.

“I want the kids in the neighborhood to be proud of the education they got from building something,” Will.i.am said.


Will.i.am Dream Collaboration

Will.i.am told Ellen his newest album, #WillPower, features a lot of collaborations with big name artists like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus, which would seem hard to get but not for Will.i.am.

“I just call them up,” he said.

As for his dream collaboration, Will.i.am said he would really want to work with Stevie Wonder, Al Rogers and Prince.

“Just imagine. Al Rogers on bass, Stevie Wonder on piano and Prince on guitar,” he said to Ellen.

But he said it is an impossible collaboration. Ellen tried to change his mind but he said there was no way to make it happen. It was just impossible.

“I only say impossible because when it happens I can say ‘I did the impossible,'” Will.i.am said.

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Ellen: Will.i.am “#ThatPower” Performance

After talking with Ellen, Will.i.am took the stage with some dancers to perform his new hit single, “#That Power.” I wasn’t a fan of the music but maybe you will like it. He does have some pretty good dance moves. Let us know what you think of the performance by leaving us a comment in the comment section below.

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