Ellen: Walgreens Slogan Contest | Sophia Grace, Rosie & Twitch


Sophia Grace & Rosie: Twitch Performance

Ellen DeGeneres’s favorite guests, Sophia Grace and Rosie, showed off their dance skills with Twitch. They did the Robot and some of their other new moves, to the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz.

“You guys are awesome,” Twitch told the pair. “I think the liberation of wearing a tiara as a grown man” was Twitch’s favorite part of working with the girls.


Ellen: Walgreens Beauty Slogans

Ellen announced the winner of her Beauty Product Slogans contest at a Walgreens in Chicago. (Image Credit: Lynn Watson / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen presented Twitch with a baseball cap featuring a crown. Sophia Grace and Rosie also got baseball hats topped with tiny tiaras.

Twitch stars in Step Up Revolution, coming to theaters Friday July 27 2012.


Ellen: Walgreens Slogan Contest

Earlier, Ellen invited viewers to a Chicago Walgreens, where they competed to come up with the best slogans while modeling selected beauty products.

Her correspondent Jeannie was on the scene to report on the competition and introduce the three finalists. Contestants got to walk a red carpet lined with paparazzi while introducing their products and slogans.

Ellen: Walgreens Beauty Product Slogans

Here were the three finalists and their slogans:

  • Matt, for Venus Razors: “Dangerously sharp makes you dangerously smooth, girl.”
  • Analie, for Secret deodorant: “I smell bad, but that’s OK because it’s my secret.”
  • Jake, in drag, for Cover Girl & Olay: “Don’t gamble with a 5:00 shadow. Just Cover Girl and Olay!”

Ellen made a snap judgement and chose Jake. I wonder if it’s because he was modeling the product she endorses. Jake got a $5,000 Walgreens gift card, and the two runners up each received $1,000 Walgreens gift cards.

Walgreens is doing an in store promotion with its beauty products on Saturday May 5 2012.

Ellen: Surprise Prom Invitation

There was one more surprise in store at the Walgreens. Jeannie met Sam, a senior at Francis Parker High School. He had a question for his girlfriend Lauren, who is an Ellen fan. He asked her to prom on Ellen’s show, which is much better than the marriage proposal I feared was coming.

“I bet she’s going to say yes, and if she doesn’t, something’s the matter with her, because you’re adorable. That’s really sweet,” Ellen said. No pressure, Lauren.


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