Ellen: The Skating Aratas: Husband Wife Duo at Planet Hollywood


Ellen: The Skating Aratas

The Skating Aratas performed for Ellen today on her show. They are a husband and wife roller skating team who really take the form to the next level.

If you grew up in roller skating rinks, maybe you remember the people who were always the fastest and most theatrical in their skating moves. Multiply that by 10 and you have the Skating Aratas.


Ellen: The Skating Aratas

You won't believe the moves husband & wife team The Skating Aratas showed off for Ellen.

The Skating Aratas Review

Victor Arata and his wife Jenny Oborska are extremely talented skaters, and they shared their dangerous and stunning moves with Ellen and her audience. One of their tricks involved wrapping Jenny’s legs around Victor’s neck while he spun them around at high speeds on his skates.

The entire time, I was nervous that she would somehow fall off or get hurt. How do you learn to do something like this? It has got to take an unbelievable amount of practice and trust.


Skating Aratas: Dangerous Skaters

Later, Victor had Jenny wrap her legs around his torso as he skated, spinning around in circles and swinging her body wildly around. Think of the adrenaline rush she must feel.

But they saved the craziest stunt for last. Using some time of special collar around each of their necks, the pair spun around, with Victor skating in vertical circles while Jenny was suspended in the air, doing 360 spins horizontally.

“Oh My God”: Ellen Reacts To Skating Aratas

You really have to see this to believe it. “Oh my God,” Ellen said as they concluded their performance. Victor explained that they keep their eyes closed because it helps them skate faster.

Ellen gave them custom neck braces in case they hurt themselves, which seems highly probable.

The Skating Aratas Tickets

Ellen said The Skating Aratas perform in “V: The Ultimate Variety Show” at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. After seeing this performance, that is a must see show if you’re planning a trip to Sin City.

You can learn more about them at skatingaratas.com.

Ellen & Bike Messener Skippy

Ellen spoke to Derek, who was Jennifer Aniston’s bike messenger Skippy during the Ellen In My Ear segment.

Ellen said she is keeping the bike, and Derek said he thinks that is the best one she will own. For being a good sport, Ellen gave Derek a gift certificate to San Diego’s La Costa Spa.


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