Ellen: Surprise For Mom Fighting Cancer + Kenny Chesney “American Kids”


Ellen TV: Surprise For Mom Fighting Cancer

Ellen DeGeneres wanted to take a minute to share what Jet Blue was doing she explained that it’s called Mint and it’s basically their version of premium seating. She explained that the best thing about it is that Mint fares are available for anyone.

Ellen: Surprise For Mom Fighting Cancer + Kenny Chesney "American Kids"

Ellen welcomed Kenny Chesney to the stage to perform his song “American Kids.” (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


She explained that the reason she was sharing the information was because there was someone in the audience who deserved a vacation. She’s a mother of two who is battling cancer and she wants to thank her daughters for being there with her every step of the way. Ellen wanted to help her do that by surprising them with a big vacation.

Ellen then welcomed Holly and her two daughters, Amanda and Alyssa, to come on down. Holly said she was doing great and her daughters said it’s hard to understand how hard it is to watch someone battle something so unpredictable and difficult. They said Holly beat breast cancer once and they are now going for round two with bone cancer.

Ellen: Tic Tac Go

Ellen said she wanted to give Holly and her daughters a chance to win the vacation by playing Tic Tac Go. One of Holly’s daughters went up against Ellen to try to get three O’s in a row. Ellen was competing to try to get three Ellen faces in a row. It took a little bit but they beat Ellen and got three round trip tickets on JetBlue as well as $5,000 spending money.


Ellen: Kenny Chesney “American Kids” Performance

Ellen welcomed Kenny Chesney to the stage to perform his hit song “American Kids” from his new CD, The Big Revival.

Kenny explained that he’s not really touring, but recently he set up and held a concert on the Florida/Georgia border. He said it was a beautiful thing to see all of his fans out there in their boats and in the sand.

Kenny then surprised Ellen with a “no shoes nation” helmet. Ellen then sent everyone in her audience home with a copy of his CD.


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