Ellen: Snow Patrol ‘Called Out In The Dark’ Review


Ellen: Snow Patrol Performs Called Out In The Dark

Ellen called her musical guests, Snow Patrol, a “great rock and roll band” that she loves. Regardless of how she feels about them, it seems entirely inaccurate to call the group a “rock and roll band.”

They came on the show to perform their new single “Called Out In The Dark” from their new album, Fallen Empires. It was definitely not a rock song. It was very much a pop song.


Snow Patrol: Rock Vs Pop

Ellen: Snow Patrol Called Out In The Dark

Snow Patrol performed "Called Out In The Dark," off their new album, Fallen Empires. (Northfoto / Shutterstock.com)

There were three guitarists in the band, though the third guitarist was also the vocalist and he didn’t play at all except on the chorus. The first guitar played an annoyingly simple single note guitar riff that seemed more fitting for the bass. The second guitar played variations of a single chord. It was very dull.

The singer’s delivery was also very lackluster. It seemed like he was a big fan of The Smiths. He sang in a fashion that was very similar to Morissey‘s banal quasi-choral style.


Snow Patrol “Called Out In The Dark” Lyrics

The most annoying part was the chorus. As though the verses weren’t bad enough, on the chorus, the bass player played disturbingly cheesy sounding synth parts that only added to how overwhelmingly hackneyed the song felt.

Though most of the lyrics seemed as banal as the song’s sonic landscape, there were moments that were genuinely engaging.

For example, in one of the later verses, he sang:

“And as the kids took back the parks/
You and I were left with the streets.”

As shoddy as the song itself was, their performance was good. The rhythm section was very tight and the whole orchestration was mixed very well. It sounded almost like a studio recording. Also, the high near falsetto vocals on the chorus sounded much more thick and lush than would be expected in a live setting.

Perhaps the song is decent for what it is: another pop song churned out by a group of musicians pretending to play rock and roll.


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