Ellen: Sidewinder Military Band Adele Cover


Ellen: Military Band Adele Cover On Youtube

Ellen recently saw a video of a band covering Adele’s hit song “Rolling In The Deep” from her album, 21. What made the video peculiar though was that it was a band comprised entirely of active members of the U.S. Air Force. The group is called Angie Johnson and Sidewinder. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out here: Angie Johnson and Sidewinder cover Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”.

Ellen Welcomes Angie Johnson & Sidewinder Military Band

Angie Johnson Sidewinder Military Band Adele Cover Elllen

Angie Johnson & Sidewinder became youtube sensations for covering Adele's hit song "Rolling In The Deep" (Image Credit: Lev Radin / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen was so impressed by the band’s cover that she decided to invite them to perform on the show.


Angie Johnson and her Sidewinder band mates all walked onstage in uniform. Ellen got up to welcome them and started interviewing the lead singer, Angie Johnson.

“OMG–this is the most amazing thing,” Angie said. “I can’t even believe I’m standing here right now!”

Angie and Sidewinder had just got back from a tour in Afghanistan. Angie said it was the seventh time she had been deployed to the Middle East.


Angie said that her experiences in Afghanistan haven’t been too scary, but there was one incident in which her camp received rocket fire from enemy combatants. She said that the people at the camp take precautions to ensure their safety in the event of an attack like that.

“We always have our nine millimeters strapped to our legs,” Angie said, referring to their pistols.

“Me too,” Ellen joked.

Ellen: Angie Johnson & Sidewinder ‘Rolling In The Deep’ Performance

After Ellen chatted with her for a minute, Angie and her band mates took the stage to perform their cover of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.”

Angie was pretty obviously the focal point of the performance. The others filled their roles adequately, but she was the only one that really gave a jaw-dropping performance. Her voice was huge and full of emotion.

The performance itself had to be taken for what it was. These guys were emulating their Youtube video, which was filmed while they were deployed. So the instruments at their disposal were some what limited.

For example, there wasn’t a drumset. Instead, one member played a djembe and other members played various auxiliary percussion instruments.

Also, the piano that helped build the momentum of Adele’s version of the song was obviously absent. This makes sense. How could they bring a piano overseas? Instead, they had a bassist and two acoustic guitars.

So while the song lacked the drive of the original version of the song, it was a really cool cover and the band seemed to really enjoy themselves.


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