Ellen: Shawn Mendes “Life of the Party” + iHeart Radio Surprise For Fans


Ellen TV: Shawn Mendes “Life of the Party”

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Shawn Mendes, who rose to fame after posting Vine videos of himself singing. He now has 3 million followers and a number one song on iTunes. Shawn Mendes, just 16 years old, was on the show to perform that song, “Life Of The Party.”

Ellen: Shawn Mendes "Life of the Party" + iHeart Radio Surprise For Fans

Ellen welcomed to her show Shawn Mendes, the talented musician who got his start by creating 6-second Vine videos. (Kues / Shutterstock.com)


His voice is incredible and when paired with the guitar in his hands, he made a fan out of me. Ellen sent everyone in the audience home with a copy of his CD, The Shawn Mendes EP.

Ellen: Shawn Mendes Fans

Ellen then sat down with Shawn Mendes and shared that she had quite a few of his fans in her audience, so she wanted to call two of them down. Ellen called out the names Alexa and Andrea, and two girls sitting in the front row immediately grabbed each other in excitement before jumping up and walking on stage to join Ellen and Shawn.

The girls shared that they have seen Shawn’s six-second Vine videos, and when Ellen asked what they liked about them, they said “everything.” They said he’s really talented and really inspiring.


Ellen TV: iHeart Radio Surprise For Shawn Mendes Fans

Ellen surprised the two girls with tickets to iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. Ellen explained that although Shawn wouldn’t be there, it was his idea to give tickets to two of his fans.

Ellen then said the two girls had six seconds to tell everyone why they love Shawn Mendes so much. “He’s kind of perfect and talented at singing and I love him so much” said the first girl. The next girl froze and just laughed when Ellen gave her six seconds. “Alright, well you still get to go,” Ellen said to her.

She then told them that even though they wouldn’t get to see Shawn, they still would get to see stars like Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and Shawn’s favorite, Ed Sheeran.


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