Ellen: San Francisco Trumpet Kid Gabriel Angelo


Ellen: San Francisco Trumpet Kid

Ellen DeGeneres met a talented 12-year-old, Gabriel Angelo, who’s known in his hometown as the San Francisco Trumpet Kid.

He started playing the trumpet at age 6, and he is a street performer who tap dances while he plays the trumpet.


“Little by little, I started adding things,” he said of his performances. He said he was inspired by Fred Astaire’s classic tap moves.

Ellen: Trumpet Kid

Ellen met a talented 12-year-old who tap dances while playing trumpet.

As usual, Ellen said she first got to know about this kid’s crazy talents by watching his YouTube videos. Check out Gabriel Angelo On YouTube.


Ellen: Meet Gabriel Angelo

Ellen praised his style and called him an old soul. She even noticed his Brooks Brothers suit.

“I just can’t believe you play trumpet and tap dance,” Ellen said. “I’m afraid you’re going to chip a tooth at some point.”

That is a crazy combination of talents. There are a lot of us who are still mastering the concept of walking while chewing gum.

Ellen: Gabriel Angelo Performance

This kid has such enthusiasm for his art that he jumped at the chance to show off his skills on Ellen’s stage. I didn’t realize you could play the trumpet one handed, but this guy makes it look easy, not missing a note or a step.

Why hasn’t this kid auditioned for America’s Got Talent or something?

Ellen: Brooks Brothers Gift & Wynton Marsalis

Ellen surprised Gabriel Angelo after his performance with a flag for his trumpet that says, “I was on Ellen. Give me money.” Gabriel does his street performances to save money for his education, which is great. I wish I’d been that motivated at age 12.

She also surprised Gabriel with a major gift to help him continue to dress and perform in style. Brooks Brothers threw in a $2,000 gift card for him to keep his wardrobe snazzy.

Plus, Brooks Brothers wanted to help Gabriel Angelo pursue his dreams of music education, so they made a $10,000 donation to his college savings.

But Ellen had one more surprise: a trip to New York for Gabriel to have a private lesson with trumpet legend Wynton Marsalis. This kid is proof that following your passion can pay off, though it doesn’t hurt to get Ellen involved either.



  1. Ashley says

    Brooks Brothers actually sponsors the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra along with Wynton Marsalis himself.

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