Ellen: Pink ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’ Performance & Daughter Willow


Ellen: Pink Performance and Interview

Ellen said there is no performer in the world like her and is one of her most favorite people. Pink joined Ellen on the Season 10 premiere and performed “Blow Me (One Last Kiss),” talked about her daughter Willow and husband Carey Hart and about being the newest Cover Girl model.

Pink: “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” Performance

Ellen: Pink The Truth About Love Review & Single 'Blow Me' Performance

Ellen was joined by Pink, who performed her single "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" off album The Truth About Love & talked Carey Hart & Cover Girl


As Ellen said, there is no other performer like Pink and she performed “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” on the Season 10 premiere of Ellen. The newest single is off her latest album, The Truth About Love, which is available on September 18 2012.

Pink: Newest Cover Girl

Pink said it caught her off guard when she found out she was the newest Cover Girl. People before told her that she is not pretty enough to be on the cover of magazines. She thinks it is awesome and proud to be unconventional. Ellen said she is pretty and beautiful and doesn’t know who told her that.

Pink: Her Daughter Willow

Pink is the proud mother of Willow, who is 15 months old. Ellen said Willow is so smart and very confident. Pink said she is fearless and she climbs. Pink said she is a little Cover Girl herself. Pink said she is way more fun now that she is a Mom. She said she used to wake up and check her pulse and not sure what she was going to do that day and not happy and now she is like let’s start with a cuddle. She said her husband can’t call her a freak because someone is dancing with her.


Pink: Husband Carey Hart

Pink said that marriage is real and she is happy a lot of the time. She said even when she is mad, he is still hot. Ellen said they fight, but the difference is she can put out songs about it. Does he mind that? Pink said he minds it a little, but he is a really good sport and he has a great sense of humor and he gives it back. He retired from the competition of Motocross racing and now he does it for fun. Pink said he is not allowed to do backflips anymore and she put her foot down. She said most of the guys in the sport are in their early 20s and he is now 37.

Pink: Gift From Ellen

Ellen gave Pink a bike and little buggy to put Willow in in the back. Pink said it is obnoxious and amazing at the same time.


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