Ellen: Mindless Behavior ‘Girls Talkin’ Bout’ Performance


Ellen: Mindless Behavior Girls Talkin’ Bout.

Mindless Behavior performed their hit song “Girls Talkin’ Bout” on Ellen.

Ellen: Mindless Behavior Mixed Response

Mindless Behavior Ellen Girls Talkin' Bout

Mindless Behavior perform their single "Girls Talkin' Bout" from their debut album "#1 Girl" on Ellen (Image Credit: Lev Radin / Shutterstock.com)

This group was somewhat hard to digest. They evoked conflicting emotions.


On one hand, they were clearly very talented entertainers. Their dancing was energetic yet precise. Their stage presence was palpable.

However their music was, as their name would imply, mindless.

Ellen: Mindless Behavior’s Corporate Group

This group is much like many others in their genre. Though they are talented dancers and performers, their music is a joke.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. They are a corporate group. They were fabricated by established record executives who think they know what music is, when all they’re really concerned with is money. That’s right. The group was formed by Keisha Gamble, Walter Millsap, and Vincent Herbert.

This group is so corporate, they were trained for two years on how to sing and dance before they released their first record!

What is it that gets people like this record deals? They couldn’t even sing or dance before they were trained on the label’s dollar!

Ellen: Mindless Behavior Poor Singing

Even after two years of training, no one in the band seemed to sing very well live. None of them played any instruments. Even for sampled music, their grooves were obnoxious like cotton candy for the ears.

This group shouldn’t be making music. They should be backup dancers for a real musician.

Ellen: Club Music Fad

I personally cannot wait for the club music fad to die down a bit. The never ending sonic stream of vapid feedback became insufferable almost as soon as it began.

This music has its place and it should stay there: in the club.

Ellen: Mindless Behavior #1 Girl

That aside, Mindless Behavior is here and people seem to like them. Their debut album, #1 Girl peaked at number seven on the U.S. charts and at number two on the U.S. R&B charts.


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