Ellen: Karmin ‘Brokenhearted’ MP3 Download & Hello Album Preorder


Ellen: Karmin Returns

It’s been almost a year since Ellen DeGeneres ran across Karmin’s quirky pop covers online. She invited them to make their TV debut in April 2011. Since then, the duo has seen phenomenal success, signing a record deal, cracking the Top 40, and making a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

“It’s been insane,” Karmin’s Amy Heidemann told Ellen. “And it all started here too, which is so serendipitous.”


Ellen: Karmin Brokenhearted

Pop sensations Karmin performed for Ellen, one year after making their TV debut on her show in 2011. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Of course, it’s been about a week since someone mentioned Ellen Underwear on the air, so Karmin’s Nick Noonan flashed his waistband for the audience. Stars love these things, no matter whether they’re on the rise or have been at it for years.

Ellen: Karmin “Brokenhearted” MP3 Download

Today Karmin returned to where it all began, performing their single, “Brokenhearted,” for Ellen and the audience.


Download an MP3 of Karmin’s hit, Brokenhearted.

Ellen: Karmin Hello CD May 2012

Karmin’s debut album, Hello, is slated for release on May 8 2012, but you can pre-order it now so you can get it first.

Pre-order the Karmin CD Hello.

Though the band gained notoriety for their spunky and quirky covers of hit pop songs, they’re now branching out into originals, as we heard on their February 2012 SNL appearance.

Karmin: Nick Noonan & Amy Heidemann

From page views on YouTube and Reddit to their TV debut on Ellen’s stage, these two have been riding the wave of their self-made pop music phenomenon. Their covers of everyone from Nicki Minaj to LMFAO have galvanized legions of fans online, and the duo (as well as their record label) are banking on turning those young online listeners into consumers of Karmin’s forthcoming original music.

Though they are known for Amy’s ‘40s throwback hairstyles and the duo’s unique approach to modern pop hits, it should be interesting to see what’s beneath the surface when we get past the flash and pizazz, and these two are standing on their artistic abilities. I’d say that if the last year is any indication, these two are poised to become even bigger in the next year.

It’s so fascinating the effect that Ellen and her talk show can have on people’s lives, even in this new digital age. I wonder how she decides what to use her powers on. What do you think it is about Karmin, among legions of music hopefuls online, that made the difference in their meteoric rise?


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