Ellen: John Aniston As The Tide Turns & Hawaiian Honeymoon Giveaway


Ellen: Nurse & Mom of 5 Wins Honeymoon

“I built a giant spinning coconut tree so we could play a game called ‘That’s Coconuts,'” Ellen said. “The game is easy. The players get 30 seconds to grab as many coconuts as they can. Whoever grabs the most coconuts wins.”

To participate in the game, Ellen invited up two audience members, Marissa and Mona.


Ellen: John Aniston Days Of Our Lives

Ellen had soap opera legend John Aniston on the epic conclusion of As The Tide Turns. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Talking to them briefly before the game started, Ellen found out that Marissa was a nurse with five kids! “That’s amazing!” Ellen said. “Welcome out of the house.”

Mona said she was from Los Angeles.


“Who was it that didn’t get to go on a honeymoon?” Ellen asked both contestants. They both said they were unable to go on a honeymoon. So Ellen said that whoever won the game was going to get a Groupon vacation to Hawaii.

Ellen: That’s Coconuts Game

When the game began, it was as simple as Ellen had said. The faux-coconut tree spun around in circles and the two contestants jumped in the air to try to grab them off the tree. It looked rather disorienting. Mona had a pretty clear advantage of Marissa, as she was significantly taller.

Once the game was over, Ellen started counting the coconuts that each participant had grabbed but then said to Mona, “Who cares? You’re a plant. Get out of here.”

This was a rather touching moment because it became clear that Ellen really just wanted to give Marissa the free vacation and had planted Mona in the audience.

Marissa was given a free seven night stay at an ocean front suite in Hawaii.

“Maybe there’s gonna be a sixth baby after you get back,” Ellen teased.

Ellen: John Aniston As The Tide Turns

Ellen held the conclusion to her ongoing mini-drama As the Tide Turns. During the intro title and theme song, the voice introducing the show said something about “an ever changing cycle of sandy lady-parts.” It was pretty hilarious.

The scene opened on a man in a hospital bed with Ellen standing beside him.

“Thank you all for coming here,” Ellen said. The scene was so bizarre that she couldn’t help but break character by laughing. She laughed so hard she had to turn away from the audience momentarily.

“Thank you all for coming here,” she said again. “I was hoping that your stories would help my cabana boy come out of his coma.”

She leaned in close to the man in the hospital bed and shouted, “Miguel–come out of this coma!” But while her head was near him, she started sniffing aloud. “What’s that smell?” she asked.

A nurse popped up from behind the hospital bed and said, “I know what you’re smelling. We washed those sheets with Tide!”

“Thank you nurse,” Ellen said in response,” but this is not just a commercial for Tide.”

Ellen: John Aniston Days Of Our Lives

Suddenly, John Aniston stood up on the side of the stage.

“I am television’s John Aniston and I’m the star of a real soap opera, Days of Our Lives,” John said. “And I have to confess something…Miguel never loved you!”

Ellen feigned a really hammed up fake slap and shouted, “How dare you! Can’t you see he’s in a coma?”

“This coma was no accident,” John said. “It was caused by your evil twin sister!”

Ellen feigned another hammed up fake slap and shouted, “You know that my sister died in a freak baggage claim accident!”

Then David Spade came walking through the door as Ellen‘s evil twin sister. “Or did I?” David asked maniacally as he walked through the door. Everyone looked really freaked out and unsure of what to say at all and then the scene ended.


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