Ellen: iLuminate Glow Dance Performance & Team iLuminate Six Flags


Ellen: iLuminate Performance

Have you heard of the amazing glow in the dark light show iLuminate? They performed for Ellen’s audience today, and it was a spectacular sight to see.

iLuminate is a dance team that knows all about dancing in the dark. They perform their dance sequences in pitch black settings. That’s because their all black costumes are outfitted with a series of interconnected lights controlled by a computer timer.


Ellen: iLuminate Six Flags

After placing third on America's Got Talent in 2011, Team iLuminate is now heading to Six Flags for summer performances.

Ellen: How iLuminate Works

Think of the elaborate holiday light displays that are coordinated to music. That’s what these costumes are like, and the performers learn choreography to use their bodies as a canvas and showcase the intricately executed light shows.

After their dance routine to “The Time (Dirty Bit)” by The Black Eyed Peas, the team presented Ellen with a glowing LED jacket that lit up like their elaborate costumes.


If this sounds familiar to you, it might be because you saw them competing last season on the NBC summer reality series America’s Got Talent. They placed third in 2011, during the show’s sixth season.

Though they did not win the competition, it seems like things are working out for the talented teams who put together iLuminate shows, which could be coming to a city near you this summer.

Ellen: iLuminate Live At Six Flags

If you want to share this magical experience with your friends and family in person, you’ll get your chance all summer long. That’s because iLuminate is doing live shows this summer at two Six Flags amusement parks.

You can see them live, in person at one of two parks. Six Flags Over Georgia is hosting the performances, beginning May 26 2012 and running through Labor Day.

Six Flags Over Texas will welcome iLuminate performers and their live shows from June 9 2012 through August 12 2012. You’ll want to get a season pass so you can see them again and again; plus, I never get tired of riding the roller coasters.

If you are looking for ticket information or directions to the parks, you can get more details at sixflags.com.


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