Ellen: Glen Campbell ‘Wichita Lineman’ Performance & Alzheimer’s Disease


Ellen: Glen Campbell

Country music legend Glen Campbell came to tell Ellen about his recent diagnosis with Alzheimer’s Disease, his new album Ghost On The Canvas, and his last tour.

Ellen: Glen Campbell Alzheimer’s Disease

Glen Campbell: Ellen

Glen Campbell performed "Wichita Lineman" for Ellen and tells her about his diagnosis with Alzheimer's Disease. (Phil Stafford / Shutterstock.com)


Despite his condition, Glen Campbell seemed full of life and very happy to be on Ellen.

“Six months ago, [you were] diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and how are you feeling today,” Ellen asked.

“Wonderful!” he said.


“Was it a surprise to either of you or was there some inclination that that was going to be the diagnosis?” Ellen asked.

Apparently his wife, Kimberly Woollen had suspected that something was wrong.

“I feared that that might be the diagnosis,” said. “Since 2003, we noticed that he was having short term memory loss and some cognitive issues.”

Ellen: Glenn Campbell Performs “Wichita Lineman”

Glenn Campbell performed his classic country hit, “Wichita Lineman” from his album of the same name.

The performance was great. Despite his age and his condition, Glen performed the song very well. His voice was as warm and rich as it always used to be, but with a bit more rasp to it.

The band Glen had with him was really good too. They filled out the song without stealing attention away from him, which is typical form when backing a superstar like Glen.

The only problem with the performance was they turned his guitar down so low that it was barely audible! It was strange because bands are usually mixed exceptionally well on Ellen.

Perhaps it was an honest mistake, but it seemed like whoever was mixing the performance turned him down on purpose, as though he were at risk of messing up, given his condition. If so, that was simply ridiculous. During his solo, his guitar could be heard and he hit every note perfectly.

His solo was amazing. It was much more tasteful than a lot of pop-country soloing. It was clear that Glen was a true guitarist and not just a singer-songwriter jangling away on open country chords.

Ellen: Glen Campbell “A Better Place” Performance

Before Glen left, he performed one more song for Ellen. The song he played is called “A Better Place,” and it’s off his new album Ghost On The Canvas.

The song showed Glen reaching out to his god and lamenting on mistakes he’s made and hardships he’s faced. Yet, during the chorus he sang, “One thing I know/ The world is good to me/ A better place awaits you, you see.”

It was a very poignant song for Glen to close with because he is clearly nearing the end of his life. His most recent tour is even considered a farewell tour. So it was really special to hear him sing a song like that at the end of the show.


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