Ellen: Earth, Wind & Fire ‘September’ Performance


Earth, Wind, & Fire perform for Ellen’s birthday

To introduce special guest performers, legendary funky soul superstars, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Ellen said, “They have sold over 90 million albums and won six Grammys.”

Ellen: Earth, Wind & Fire “September”

Ellen: Earth Wind & Fire September

Earth, Wind, & Fire perform "September" for Ellen's 54th birthday. (Sherri R. Camp / Shutterstock.com)


To celebrate Ellen‘s 54th birthday, Earth, Wind, & Fire performed their classic hit song “September” that was originally released as a single and rereleased on The Best of Earth, Wind, & Fire Vol 1.

Despite that they’ve been playing together for since 1969, the band had an astoundingly energetic stage presence. It was as though they were all fluid in the moment, connected by the energy of their music. It was an amazing sight.

Furthermore, their live performance sounded uncannily similar to the studio version. The vocals soared beautifully over top the tight funky pocket laid by the backing musicians.


Earth, Wind & Fire Ellen Performance Review

There seemed to be three singers. Two of them ran around stage dancing and waving their hands in the air while they sang. The third played the bongos while he sang.

The best part of the performance was almost definitely the pulsing bass line and the way the bassist seemed so electrified by the music. He was dancing and swaying to the music throughout the whole performance.

The guitar was also perfect. It had that glassy funk sound and it filled the pocket perfectly. Also, the band played with a full horn section. The horns accented the songs beautifully.

It was a truly amazing performance. It was absolutely unbelievable to see people who’ve been playing music for over four decades rock so hard.

Ellen: Monster Gratitude Headphones Review & Giveaway

Ellen thanked the band for performing and exclaimed to the audience, “Don’t they sound exactly the same?!”

Then the band gave away a pair of Monster Gratitude headphones to each audience member. The headphones were specially designed by Monster in collaboration with Earth, Wind, and Fire to recreate the dynamic range of live performances.

Ellen Birthday: Surprise Birthday Cake

As Ellen began thanking everyone who took part in her special birthday show, Jimmy Kimmel interrupted her.

“Can I go grab something?” he asked. “Because it’s not over. Your birthday fun isn’t over yet.”

Then Earth, Wind, & Fire wheeled out a special birthday cake for Ellen. Ellen‘s wife Portia ran onstage and surprised Ellen.


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