Ellen & Days of Our Lives’ Drake Hogestyn: My Fair and Square Lady


Ellen Debuts First Episode Of ‘My Fair And Square Lady’

Ellen showed the first episode of “My Fair And Square Lady,” her new hammed up melodrama miniseries, featuring Drake Hogestyn.

Ellen: Breaking Bad Inspires Soap Opera

Ellen said that she was inspired by the impending season of Breaking Bad to start her new hammed up melodrama mini-series, “My Fair and Square Lady.”


Ellen: First Episode Of “My Fair And Square Lady”

Ellen played a character called Tatianna who was wearing a very cheesy looking quasi french maid’s outfit.

“This is the day I’ve wanted for my entire life,” Tatianna said. “I’m going to finally marry Doug!”

Ellen: Drake Hogestyn From NBC’s Days Of Our Lives

Drake Hogestyn: Ellen Soap Opera

Drake Hogestyn, from NBC's "Days Of Our Lives," starred in Ellen's first episode of "My Fair And Square Lady." (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Doug, who had his back turned to the audience at the beginning of the scene, said that he had something very important to say. Then he turned to reveal to the audience that he was Drake Hogestyn, from NBC’s popular soap opera, Days Of Our Lives.

The ceremony was about to begin, but before Tatianna and Doug could could officially tie the knot, Doug got cold feet!

Ellen: American Idol vs. The Voice

“Tatianna, oh Tatianna!” Doug said. “I do love you, but I can’t marry you. We’re so different. You like American Idol and I like The Voice!”

Tatianna pleaded with Doug, insisting that she liked The Voice as well.

Ellen: Great Deals At JC Penney

Then, in true Ellen DeGeneres show style, Tatianna made a cheesy JC Penney plug. She said something about how Doug’s real issue with their impending marriage was not about American Idol or The Voice.

Instead, she said his apprehension was due to his love for clipping coupons because he will never have to once he marries Tatianna since she shops at JC Penney, where the prices are always low.

Ellen: Evil Brothers

Then, in true absurdly dramatic soap opera fashion, Tony ran in from offstage dressed in a tuxedo, playing Enrico. Enrico told Tatianna she couldn’t marry Doug.

“That’s not Doug!” Enrico said. “That’s his evil brother, Jim!”

Tony Proposes To Ellen

But Enrico’s motives were not entirely selfless!

“Tatianna, I love you,” Enrico said. “I want to marry you!”

“I would, but you’re my brother!” Tatianna said.

Ellen said that she would be airing episodes of “My Fair And Square Lady” every day that week.

Ellen JC Penney Gift Card Giveaway

“I want you to check out the great deals at JC Penney any day of the week!” she said. Then she gave away a $100 JC Penney gift card to each member of the audience.


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