Ellen: Dancing YouTube Couple Keone & Mariel Madrid Perform Dangerous


Ellen: Dancing YouTube Couple

Husband and wife duo Keone and Mariel Madrid performed a dance on Ellen to Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous.” The dance went viral on YouTube and when Ellen saw it, she knew she had to have them come to the show.

“Our next guests prove that when you put an amazing dance routine on YouTube,  I’m going to make you come to the show and perform it,” Ellen said.


Ellen: Dancing YouTube Couple Keone & Mariel Madrid Perform Dangerous

I think Michael Jackson would be proud of the way YouTube dancing couple Keone and Mariel danced to his hit, “Dangerous.” The two gave a spirited and energetic performance on Ellen.

Ellen: Keone & Mariel Dance

Keone and Mariel are also proof of love, if you ask me. The two are very talented dancers that move in perfect sync with one another, bending elbows and knees to the same beats, in the same way. The two have been married for six months, but have been together for four and a half years.

That bond is obvious in the way they move. It’s hypnotic and vaguely robotic. I don’t know anything about dance, really, but I know a little bit about love and it seems really clear that these two care about each other a lot.


It is inspiring to see two people in love do something they obviously are passionate about together. I wonder if it was their passion that brought them together.

Ellen: Keone & Mariel Interview

After their performance, Ellen said their dance was absolutely amazing. She said she saw it on YouTube and knew she had to meet them.

The couple said they travel around the world and teach, most recently, in Germany. They were married in June and seemed very happy together.

I wonder what the future holds for Keone and Mariel. With this kind of exposure, it seems like they could do anything they want.


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