Ellen: Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal Tour


Ellen: Cirque du Soleil Michael Jackson

Ellen welcomed members of the Cirque du Soleil‘s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour to perform on the show.

They played and danced to “Beat It” off of Thriller and their performance was absolutely amazing.


Ellen: Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson

The Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal Tour performed "Thriller" for Ellen.

Cirque Du Soleil: One Legged Dancer

There was a main dancer who had only one leg. He walked around on crutches at first and used them beautifully as props, making very jagged and mechanical looking dance moves. Then, unbelievably, he tossed the crutches and started break dancing–WITH ONLY ONE LEG! It was really captivating.

There were two supporting dancers who danced with and around the main dancer.


The music was provided by an exceptionally talented guitarist and bassist. The guitarist could shred for days and had really powerful stage presence. The bassist was really interesting because she played a stand up electric bass that looked like it was forged in Hell.

Furthermore, instead of dragging the bow across the strings, she hit the bow against them while she fingered the notes, creating a very sharp, abrasive percussive sound.

The whole spectacle was awe-inspiring. The best part of the performance was when the main dancer hoisted himself up with his crutches, his foot off well off the ground, and swung himself around in circles, only to ditch the crutches and dive straight into breakdancing.

“Amazing! Amazing!” was all Ellen could say after the breathtaking performance.

Ellen: Jeannie and Amy at Miraval Resort and Spa

Ellen ended the show with a sponsor-plug, but at least it was pretty well done. Instead of feeling terribly cheesy and unnecessary, it was actually relatively amusing and seemed almost to legitimately add to the show.

The plug was for Miraval Resort and Spa. She sent her assistants Jeannie and Amy there and the two made quite the amusing pair.

Amy was especially funny because she walked around the whole resort in a towel. Out back by the horse ranch, she was talking to a cowboy-looking gentleman and said, “I’m feeling a bit vulnerable…probably because I’m in a towel.”

Most impressively, Amy even zip-lined in the towel.


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