Ellen: Chloe & Halle Bailey ‘Without You’ David Guetta Cover


Ellen: Chloe & Halle Bailey

Last year, two Atlanta sisters made a splash on Ellen DeGeneres’s show. Today, the Bailey Sisters returned to catch up with Ellen. The sisters are not twins; rather, they’re a year apart, ages 12 and 13.

They have the poise and charm of adults, and Halle said she was very excited about her recent 12th birthday. Halle said one of her gifts was a beautiful bass guitar, and I think that Chloe might be a little jealous of her sister’s gift.


Ellen: Bailey Sisters

The Bailey Sisters performed a David Guetta cover on Ellen's show and got surprise gifts from her and Cee Lo Green.

Halle also said that the sisters are getting recognized in public, in places like the mall. As they gushed about their popularity and the fun they’ve had being on her show, their youthfulness came out in their excitement and energy.

Ellen: Bailey Sisters The Voice

The sisters said they enjoy The Voice, and they were excited to be on the same show as Cee Lo Green. They offered to perform for Ellen and her audience.

Ellen Chole & Halle Bailey “Without You” Performance

Chloe sat down at the piano and Halle picked up her guitar to perform a cover of “Without You,” the David Guetta hit. These two are fantastic, and it’ll be exciting to see what happens for them next, though I suspect Ellen might have a hand in their future plans and successes.


After their captivating performance, Ellen asked them about their YouTube videos. They post their performances online, but recently their video camera stopped working.

If you want to see what the girls do with their new video cameras, check out the Bailey Sisters YouTube Channel or Follow The Bailey Sisters on Twitter.

Bailey Sisters: Ellen & Cee Lo Surprise

To help them get back up and running, Ellen gave each of the girls personalized video cameras. They looked like Flip Cams, but I don’t think they make those anymore.

With another surprise, Cee Lo Green came onstage and invited the girls to a live taping of The Voice. They were excited to accept his offer, and maybe you’ll see them tonight in the audience on the live show on NBC.

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