Ellen: Bruno Mars ‘It Will Rain’ Performance & Amy Winehouse


Ellen: Bruno Mars ‘It Will Rain’ Twilight Soundtrack

Bruno Mars performed “It Will Rain” for Ellen. The song was written for Twilight: Breaking Dawn and is featured on the film’s soundtrack.

Ellen asked Bruno how the song ended up on the soundtrack to Breaking Dawn.


Ellen: Bruno Mars It Will Rain

Bruno Mars performed "It Will Rain" for Ellen and talked about Amy Winehouse and Twilight Breaking Dawn. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Bruno said that he started it on tour, but only wrote the first verse. Then Bruno was asked to come into the film studio and watch Breaking Dawn so that he could write a song for the soundtrack.

“I was thinking in the back of my head that if I finish what I started on tour, this could be really special,” he said.


Bruno Mars ‘It Will Rain’ Review

Normally, candied faux-R&B pop music annoys the hell out of me.

However, there was something about Bruno Mars that wasn’t entirely revolting.

I’m not sure what it is. On the surface, he seems no different than any other insufferably whiny pop singer.

But there’s somehow, he does what he does in a way that works.

No one in his band really did anything interesting. Every musical layer of the song was very simple. The guitarist, the pianist, the drummer, the two synth players, the backup singers, and the string quartet were really all just there to add simple textures to support his vocals.

Again, ordinarily, that would seem really shitty and intolerable. But somehow, Bruno actually makes sense.

The lyrics were pretty banal and so were the melodies, but he knew what he was and what he was delivering. He didn’t ham it up anymore than it needed to be.

Furthermore, Bruno’s actually a pretty good singer. He belts it out pretty well.

So in summation, I would never purchase this song, but it didn’t make me feel like shooting my television either.

Ellen: Bruno Mars Loves Amy Winehouse

Ellen complimented Bruno Mars for how well he honored Amy Winehouse at the MTV Video Music Awards. Apparently, Amy Winehouse was a big influence on Bruno.

“I do a lot of interviews and they always ask me who was an influence in your music,” Bruno said. “I kick myself for never saying Amy Winehouse.”

Bruno looked at the camera and gave Amy a posthumous nod of admiration.

“Amy Winehouse, thank you for your music,” he said. “Thank you so much.”

“She was so wildly talented,” Ellen said.


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