Ellen: Bon Jovi Performs What About Now & Who Says You Can’t Go Home


Jon Bon Jovi On Staying Together 30 Years

Bands come and bands go but Bon Jovi has been one of the few bands that has stayed together for 30 years. Ellen even showed a picture of Bon Jovi in their early days, complete with crazy hair, handcuffs on the pants and pants that were ripped to shreds. Jon said those pictures have begun to haunt him as he gets older.

As for staying together for so long, Jon Bon Jovi said it comes down to enjoying the people in your band. He said there has been lots of give and take, lots of ups and downs and lots of fights and makeups, but the one thing that made them stick together was the fact they all enjoyed being around each other.


Richie Sambora: Taking Care Of Personal Problems

When you watch the videos below, you will notice Richie Sambora is not on stage with Bon Jovi. Jon told Ellen Richie Sambora is still in Bon Jovi but he was unable to make it to the show because of some personal problems he did not want to talk about on national television.

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Ellen: Jon Bon Jovi Celebrates 24 Years Of Marriage

Bon Jovi has been together for 30 years but what might seem even more surprising is that Jon Bon Jovi has been married to his wife for 24 years coming up this week.


“Got that one right the first time,” he said of the marriage.

Ellen: Bon Jovi Performs What About Now & Who Says You Can't Go Home

Ellen invited Jon Bon Jovi on the stage to talk about Richie Sambora, he set up a contest for Ellen fans to win Bon Jovi tickets and they performed. (image credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com)

While on Ellen Jon Bon Jovi reminisced about remembering his upcoming anniversary. He said he was playing a show the other day and when he was on stage he was not thinking about the song. He said he normally thinks about what he is doing later or what he wants to eat. Either way, the other night he was thinking about how their 24 year anniversary is coming up and he really needed to get a present.

It was about 24 years ago that Jon Bon Jovi and his wife traveled from Los Angeles to Las Vegas where they eloped without telling anyone. When they got back to Los Angeles to play the show, Jon said no one even knew they were gone.

Ellen: Jon Bon Jovi Gives Tickets To Ellen Audience

Jon Bon Jovi must have been feeling as giving as Ellen today because he gave everyone in the Ellen audience tickets to his next show in Los Angeles.

Ellen: Bon Jovi Smartphone App

Bon Jovi has a new smartphone app for everyone to download. He told Ellen he came up with an app allowing people to get the most from their album. With the new app you can check out the new art for Bon Jovi’s album, What About Now, where every member was fully painted by the artist Liu Bolin and then walked forward as if they are coming right out of the phone.

As pointless as the app sounded, it was just a reason to talk about the HTC One phone because everyone in the audience got the phone.

Ellen: Bon Jovi Giving Tickets To 100 Ellen Fans

During the commercial break, Jon Bon Jovi and Ellen came up with the best way to see Bon Jovi. While it might be fun to see the band play on Ellen, Jon said the best way to see them perform is in New Jersey, so he proposed to Ellen they get a contest going where 100 Ellen fans can win tickets a Bon Jovi show at the Giants Stadium in July.

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Ellen: Bon Jovi Performs “What About Now” and “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”

Ellen’s audience was lucky enough to see Bon Jovi play for them live. The first song they played was “Who Says You Can’t Go Home,” which they followed up with “What About Now.”

Check out the videos below to see clips of the performance.

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