So You Think You Can Dance: Ellen Birthday Performance


Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel Purple Dress

Jimmy Kimmel was Ellen‘s cohost for her 54th birthday and he spent a good deal of the show in a shiny purple dress. “You’re not chilly?” Ellen asked him.

“I might were this to the show tonight,” Jimmy said in reference to his late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!. He gestured how tight the dress was on his body and said, “I think it’s going to explode.”


Ellen: Jimmy Kimmel White House Correspondents Dinner

So You Think You Can Dance: Ellen Birthday

Performers from So You Think You Can Dance wish Ellen a happy birthday. (s_bukley /

“You’re hosting the White House Correspondents Dinner,” Ellen said to Jimmy.

“I am?” he joked. “I better get a suit.”


Jimmy said he already knew what he wanted to ask the president when he met him. He said what he wanted “more than anything” was to ask the president, “‘What do you know about UFOs?'”

“I’m hoping to get the president drunk and ask him that,” Jimmy said.

So You Think You Can Dance: Ellen Birthday Performance

“I know you love the art of dance,” Jimmy said. “It’s one of your favorite things–even more than the art of art.”

Then he announced that he had planned a surprise performance for her that he choreographed himself, though we was obviously joking about choreographing it.

After he said that, members of the hit show So You Think You Can Dance stood up in the audience and started dancing to LMFAO‘s “Sexy and I Know It” off their album Sorry For Party Rocking.

The dancing was amazing. It was very informal and urban feeling. The dancers would go from being robotic to extravagantly fluid.

Most of the female dancers were wearing open jackets with only a bra underneath. It was very erotically charged, especially when they violently shook their torsos.

The most impressive parts of the dance were definitely when solo dancers stole the stage and when small subgroups of two or three would do dances together.

“How did y’all do that?” Ellen asked. “I didn’t even see you in the audience!”


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