Ellen: Adam Lambert ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ Performance


Adam Lambert ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ Performance

Adam Lambert stopped by Ellen to perform his new song “Better Than I Know Myself” from his latest album, Trespassing.

Ellen: Can’t Hate Adam Lambert

Adam is one of those performers that is somewhat difficult for me to critique. To clarify, I can’t stand the trend of hyper emotional synth-pop balladry. It seems vapid to me. That being said, Adam is clearly an amazingly talented singer. Furthermore, as much as I don’t like the type of music he makes, he makes it quite well and seems to really care about it.


Adam Lambert Better Than I Know Myself: Ellen

Adam Lambert performed his new song "Better Than I Know Myself" for Ellen. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

In fact, he kind of deserves some respect. While most pop stars are content to sing songs written by other people, Adam took it upon himself to be the executive producer and principal writer on Trespassing. Furthermore, the album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, which makes Adam the first openly gay male artist to do so in history. That’s pretty cool.

Ellen: Adam Lambert Performance Review

Anyway, the performance was spot on. It seems like a lot of singers don’t have the same vocal strength live as they do on their albums, but Adam belted it. His execution was both evocative and precise. The chorus was especially impressive. His voice soared.


Adam Lambert’s Guitarist

Adam’s backing band was also very good. His guitarist added a very percussive element to the instrumentation, playing the lower strings with a lot of distortion. He added a lot of attitude and edge to the song.

Ellen: Adam Lambert’s Keyboardist

The song’s melodic components were carried mostly by the keyboardist. He had two sets of keys setup. One was a really dirty sounding synth. The other was a keyboard that was modeled to sound like a classic piano.

Issues With The Performance

Some elements of the performance did genuinely bother me beyond my personal bias against this style of music though.

First, there were people off stage engaging and disengaging effects during the show. This was most evident during moments when Adam’s voice would be drenched in echo. While this is a practical way to perform, it seems kind of cheap.

Second, there was some sort of odd sounding drum machine playing throughout the whole song. It obfuscated the natural percussive elements the drummer was adding and made the song feel less organic.


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