Ellen: 4-Year-Old Kai Langer Performs Bruno Mars’ When I Was Your Man


Ellen: Kai Langer Makes His Return

Ellen: 4-Year-Old Kai Langer Performs Bruno Mars' When I Was Your Man

Kai Langer performed “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

After making an internet splash on Ellen earlier this year singing his rendition of Bruno Mars on her show, Kai Langer has made his return. Kai promptly gave Ellen a bracelet with his name on it to match his bracelet with Ellen’s name on it. Yes, this means they’re going steady now. After all the mushy business, though, Kai told the story of how Bruno Mars was on his place on the way home from his first performance on Ellen.


While Kai was napping on the plane ride home, his mother happened to stroll past Bruno Mars on her way to the restroom and promptly arranged a meeting between the two. When Bruno Mars told Kai to “hit it,” Kai dutifully belted out Bruno’s song “Grenade.” The two got a picture together. It had new Facebook profile pic written all over it (four-year-olds are getting them too now, right?).

When talking about his favorite part of his first appearance on Ellen, Kai said that besides performing, his favorite part was getting toys from the show, “more than Target,” according the toddler’s calculations. After reminiscing on past performances, Kai decided it was time to show America his sophomore effort with his rendition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man.” Watch the heart-melting adorableness unfold in the clip below.

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Ellen: Kai Says Goodbye

After the performance was finished, Ellen complimented the young man on his vocal cords. In addition to oodles of praise, Kai was given a super hero costume. Where that fit into the child-singer-prodigy category, I can’t be sure. However, the room full of women doled out plenty of aww’s like everyone knew they were going to. With a parting hug, Ellen’s new boyfriend took his leave to go begin his musical career. You can expect to see Kai Langer’s album titled, I Hope He Gives You Cookies, by spring 2014.


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