Why Ellen Stopped Eating Fish & Lily: A Gray Whale’s Odyssey


Ellen: Dave Anderson Whale Rescue

Ellen DeGeneres thanked Captain Dave Anderson for recently Rescuing a Gray Whale. She said she only learned a few years ago about the dangers to Whales and Dolphins from fishing nets.

The net they recovered contained a variety of other sea animals. “There was a sea lion. There was crabs. There were two Leopard Sharks and another shark, and a whole bunch of squid eggs,” Dave said. “A whole ecosystem.”


Ellen: Fishing Net Dangers

Ellen & Dave Anderson explained that fishing nets can be up to 30 miles long & are killing the underwater ecosystem.

Ellen: Mile Long Fishing Nets Kill Sea Life

Then Ellen said that these are fishing nets found in the ocean, and American laws limit the size of these nets to one mile long. But Dave said other parts of the world can have nets up to 30 miles long.

Ellen compared the net to a curtain that goes all the way to the bottom, catching all types of animals, including sea turtles, sea birds, and countless other creatures that get caught up in these nets.


Dave said about 1,000 Dolphins and Whales are caught in the nets every single day, and fishing equipment kills over 300,000 Dolphins and Whales per year. That’s an outrageous number, and Ellen said the nets are killing even the coral reefs and the entire underwater ecosystem.

Why Ellen Doesn’t Eat Fish

Learning about this problem is what made Ellen decide to stop eating fish.

“When I learned what happens in order to eat a piece of fish, I didn’t want to have anything to do with that,” she said. “It broke my heart, and then I learned that if we don’t change what we’re doing right now, the entire ocean, in 50 years everything will be out of it.”

That’s a sobering statistic, and Dave called it a “path to destruction.” He said that it’s very important for people to become aware of what’s going on with marine life. Education and information are the first steps in making changes to the fishing industry.

Ellen: Fish Labeling System

Dave said that some people are pushing for a labeling system to indicate the types of nets used to catch the fish we buy in grocery stores. “Then people can make good choices about what they eat,” Dave said.

Ellen said it’s up to each of us to take responsibility for preserving the planet we live on before we destroy it.

Lily: A Gray Whale’s Odyssey By Dave Anderson

Captain Dave Anderson is also selling his book, Lily: A Gray Whale’s Odyssey, if you’d like to check out more about these awesome animals.



  1. Tommy says

    Now she’s an “Environmental Vegan”!

    I would hope she knows about the dangers of Genetically Modified foods like soybeans, rice and corn. She’ll want to become (or hire) a farmer to grow her own veggies.

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