What To Do If You See A Rattlesnake & Treating Rattlesnake Bites


Ellen: Humane Snake Handling

Ellen DeGeneres said she loves spending time outdoors in the spring, and she’s even take her show outside if she could. That’s why she owns a farm with Portia De Rossi, but there are some parts of nature that aren’t so cuddly.

Recently, the couple found a baby rattlesnake on their property. Though Ellen loves all animals, and especially babies, she didn’t want to run afoul of the mother snake.


Ellen: Rattlesnakes

Ellen & her rattlesnake handler shared advice for avoiding snakes & treating snake bites.

Ellen said that a lot of people are afraid of snakes, with their emotionless faces and ability to shoot venom into our bodies. But she had to find a humane way to remove the baby snake from the farm.

Ellen: Why Ellen Didn’t Kill Her Snake

“I don’t believe in killing anything, because I feel like we’re borrowing the land from the animals,” she said. “Although they don’t pay mortgage. They don’t do any chores, for that matter. But they live there.”


This is how Ellen and Portia met up with a man who calls himself the Rattlesnake Wrangler. He picked up the baby snake, and later he discovered a 4-foot long mother snake on the property. Ellen showed home video of him humanely capturing the mama snake, which he secured in a plastic file storage container.

“If you find a rattlesnake, you’ll need tongs and Tupperware,” Ellen said. Her Rattlesnake Wrangler, Bo Slyapich, revealed that the adult rattlesnake he found on Ellen’s property was probably around eight years old. Adult snakes can live up to around 20 years, and grow up to six feet. They also get fatter as they age.

Ellen: What To Do If You See A Rattlesnake

Because it’s rattlesnake season, Ellen asked the Rattlesnake Wrangler for advice on what people should do if they encounter rattlesnakes while out and about.

“Stop and just back away,” he said. “It doesn’t want to come after you. …They can’t eat you. You’re not on the food chain. They don’t want to waste venom on you.”

Rattlesnakes are territorial, so just leave them alone. You’re also not supposed to jump over them, because they can see that as threatening.

Ellen showed another clip of Bo handling a 5-foot Gopher Snake from Ellen’s property. Bo explained that snakes don’t want to compete for territory with other snakes. The Gopher Snake actually stayed on Ellen’s property, where he’ll eat rodents and scare off rattlesnakes.

Ellen: What To Do If You Get Bit By A Rattlesnake

If you are bit by a rattlesnake, the best thing you can do is call 911 and report the bite. Bo said he travels with a satellite phone so he can get help even if he doesn’t have cell phone service.

Do not try to suck the venom out of your body. According to Ellen and Bo, this is an Old Wives Tale. The Snake Wrangler said healthcare professionals are best equipped to deal with bites.

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Ellen: Fear of Snakes

DJ Tony told Ellen he’s scared of birds but not snakes. Ellen’s producer Andy is afraid of snakes, so Ellen got one of her staff members to tap him on the shoulder with a fake snake. She’s always trying to upset this poor guy.

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Ellen: Bad Paid For Photos

Ellen shared more viewer submissions of Bad Photos. Let’s all be glad that portrait studios aren’t as popular as they once were.

  • Rhonda from Texas sent a photo of her husband Brad, who was wearing a checked shirt and posing with a cat. Both of them were staring off in the distance, creepily.
  • Sarah, also of Texas, showed off a picture of her younger self holding a doll. The two of them were wearing matching outfits, which always makes for an embarrassing photo.
  • Tammy in Tennessee shared her daughter’s Kindergarten photo, which featured the girl making bug eyes. That definitely should’ve been a retake.
  • Deborah of Virginia shared a 1986 photo of some friends with horrible hair. The man in the photo had a platinum blond mullet, while the woman’s hair was buzzed short.

Ellen Dance Song: “Back In Love Again”

Today Ellen dedicated her audience dance to the Snake Wrangler. The song of the day was “Back In Love Again” by LTD.

Download an MP3 of LTD’s “Back In Love Again.”


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