Teen Lifts Car & Saves Grandpa | Austin Smith Ida Township, Michigan


Ellen: 15-Year-Old Saves Grandfather

Could you lift a car off someone you loved in an emergency? That’s exactly what one Michigan teen recently did, and it landed him on Ellen’s show.

“Two weeks ago…, he lifted a 1,500 pound car off his grandfather, who was trapped underneath,” Ellen DeGeneres said.


Grandfather Ernest Smith said he is lucky to be around today to tell this miraculous story. Ellen said she heard the story of this freak accident on CNN.

Ellen: Teen Lifts Car & Saves Grandpa

Austin Smith told Ellen about how he lifted a car off his grandfather, who was trapped underneath.

Grandfather Trapped Under 1,500 Pound Car

Ernest was fixing the brakes on a family car, and Austin happened to be visiting his grandparents that day.


“I saw an oil leak under the car, I go underneath there, and evidently on the way out, I probably reached and got a hold of either the bumper or the frame of the car to boost myself out,” Ernest said. “And the last thing I remember is the car coming down on me, and a huge, tremendous explosion inside my head.”

Ernest said he thought he was going to die, because the car landed on his head and chest.

Ellen: 15-Year-Old Lifts Car Off Grandpa

Austin Smith, 15, of Ida Township, Michigan, explained what happened next.

“Immediately, I knew I had to try to pick it up,” he said. “I ran around the front, and I just knelt down out of adrenaline, and the good Lord upstairs helped me pick it up.”

Ellen pointed out that Austin followed the classic rule of lifting with your knees. Amazingly, Ernest was still conscious and able to move out from under the car.

Ellen: Austin Smith

Ernest added that Austin was also able to get the car back up on the blocks. Austin said he lifts weights, runs track, rides dirt bikes, and wrestles, so it sounds like she was in good shape.

This is an amazing story, and it seems beyond the bounds of human strength to lift a car single-handedly. Even more amazingly, Austin had just had knee surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Ellen: Costa Rica Family Trip

Ellen brought Austin and Ernest’s family onstage, mentioning that this incident took place on Ernest’s birthday.

Since they didn’t have an opportunity to celebrate that day, the Costa Rica Tourism Board is sending the family on an eight-day Costa Rican vacation. Activites include zip lines, visiting the rain forest, and relaxing on the beach.

Ellen: Honda Dirt Bike

To ensure that Austin rides safely when he’s out with his friends, Ellen and Honda gave him a 2012 Honda Motocross Bike.

I don’t think he will be taking his bike on vacation to Belize, but he was undeniably excited about his new toy.


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