Records Are Back? + Nostalgia Craze & Gender Reveal Viral Video


Ellen TV: Playing Records + Nostalgia Craze

Ellen DeGeneres started her show by pointing out that her birthday was last week, but she doesn’t feel her age. “I feel my neck and I feel my knees,” she joked. “But I don’t feel my age.”

She asked if anyone in her audience remembered records. She showed an Al Green record and said “back in my day, this is how we made babies.” She said 2013 was the biggest record selling year in the last 20 years. “You know how many they sold?” Ellen asked. “Ten.” They actually sold six million records because they’re becoming popular again.


She explained that playing records wasn’t exactly simple to do. She said you first had to find the record on your bookshelf that was made out of cinder blocks and wood, and in the process knocked over your lava lamp, but it didn’t break because of the shag carpet. Then you put it on, and you had to count the number of grooves to find the track you wanted to play.

Records Are Back? + Nostalgia Craze & Gender Reveal Viral Video

Ellen DeGeneres talked about the comeback records are making in the modern music world. (NatBasil /

She said playing music is much simpler now, because she can push a button on her iPhone and ask it to play a Katy Perry song “and you know what it does?” Ellen said. “It calls my friend Larry.”


She pointed out how people like records because of what’s called the nostalgia craze, and said now when her nieces come over and point out that the apple juice is expired, she just says “no it’s vintage.”

She said she doesn’t care if her music is on vinyl or an iPhone, just as long as she can dance to it!

Ellen: Gender Reveal Viral Video

Ellen pointed out that her audience was creating a lot of heat when they were dancing and wondered if anyone had hooked up because of her show. “Just wondering if we’ve ever created babies,” she joked.

Ellen then said, speaking of babies, she found a video. Some people choose to wait to find out if they’re having a boy or girl. If you’re me, you want to know as soon as the doctor can possibly tell. The family on the video, decided to videotape the moment they find out the gender of the baby. The parents open the paper and see that they’re having a boy and their young daughter starts yelling saying she wanted a sister. She then screams because she’s not happy.

Ellen: Jeannie & Jaclyn to Super Bowl

Ellen sent two of her fans, Jeannie and Jaclyn to the Super Bowl. They said it was the most incredible experience of their lives.

Ellen played the video of them at the event that showed all of the great things they got to do. They even met Phillip Phillips who said that he thought the Broncos were going to win. The two women were ecstatic to have the experience of a lifetime, even if the game was a complete blowout.

Ellen said she was for the Broncos, but she didn’t really have a team because she’s a St. Louis fan and a Saints fan. She said at the first fumble, she decided to switch teams and cheer for the Seahawks. Ellen said she kept thinking after every play that things would turn around until finally she thought “nevermind.”

Ellen TV: Hot Glam, Girl Bad Photos

After covering sports, Ellen wanted to move on and cover fashion in her segment Hot Glam, Girl.

One viewer wrote in, sharing a picture she and her sister took with their Nana. They were all wrapped in a hot pink feather boas and sparkles and of course, their hair was huge!

Another viewer shared a photo she took in the ’90s. The stylist thought it would be a good idea to add tissue paper. In the picture, all you see is her face surrounded by bright pink tissue paper.

One woman shared a picture she took with two of her best friends, saying they still joke about it. The women had dyed orange hair, dark lipstick, and drawn-on eyebrows. Not to mention, none of them are smiling.

Another woman shared a picture her friend posted on her Facebook page. The couple is wearing football jerseys, and Ellen said she didn’t think anything was wrong with it, and showed an edited picture that she changed to make it look like it was her and Portia in the jerseys.


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