Ellen’s New JC Penney Commercials & Hilarious Outtakes


Ellen: JC Penney Commercials

If you watched the Oscars last night, you probably saw one of Ellen DeGeneres’s five new JC Penney commercials, which premiered during the awards show.

Despite Controversy from Conservative Groups, JC Penney has partnered with Ellen in a campaign to promote their new logo and new policies, which Ellen thinks will make shopping easier.


The commercials were funnier than the Oscars, I thought. Ellen showed her Roman Empire “No Receipt, No Return” commercial to refresh everyone’s memory. You can watch the Ellen JC Penney Roman Empire Commercial.

Ellen: JC Penney Oscar Commercial Outtakes

Ellen showed outtakes from her hilarious new JC Penney commercials, which premiered during the Oscars. (Image Credit: Stacie Stauff Smith Photography / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: JC Penney Outtakes

“The last time I wore a toga was at a party at Barbara Walters’s house, by the way,” Ellen joked.

She shared some of the outtakes that didn’t make it into her commercials.

  • In Ellen’s Old West JC Penney Commercial, she frightened the man outside the general store and had trouble coming up with her coupons, which intimidated the other shoppers. She also riffed on the town’s odor, as well as the one-eyed store clerk.
  • In outtakes from Ellen’s Roman Empire JC Penney Commercial, she did some alternate takes, including lines like “Everything’s Greek to me,” and joking about Caesar Salad and counting years in Roman numerals.

More Outtakes From Ellen’s JC Penney Commercial Videos

  • From Ellen’s 1950s Separate Beds JC Penney Commercial, in which Ellen expressed shock and dismay about having to get up at 6 a.m. for early sales, Ellen showed alternate takes. “Have you two flipped your lid? Are you two bonkers?” She also used ‘50s slang like “egads” and “jeepers.”
  • In Ellen’s English Hats JC Penney Ad, Ellen mocked the store clerk’s accent and got into a heated argument about the price of a hat, and tried to pull on her hair to prove it was a wig.

Ellen also showed some behind the scenes footage from all her different commercials. Which one was your favorite?

Ellen: $100 JC Penney Gift Card Giveaway

Ellen gave everyone in her audience $100 JC Penney Gift Card, because she wanted to share the store’s recent makeover firsthand. “JC Penney’s new fair and square pricing is about simple, honest pricing,” she said. “No more coupons, just great prices and easy returns.”

What do you think about JC Penney’s rebranding? Have you been to their stores lately? Are you interested in seeing the changes they’ve made?

Click here to buy a JC Penney Gift Card.

Ellen: Oscar Pool

Ellen spoke vaguely about the Oscars, and her audience played along, pretending they had seen the show. Ellen said she won the Oscar Pool by waiting until this morning to turn in her ballot.

Ellen will probably have more to say about the Oscars on tomorrow’s show, and she may even be featuring some of the winners as her guests.

Ellen Dance: “Cupid Shuffle” MP3

Today Ellen’s dance song was the “Cupid Shuffle” by Cupid, featuring DJ Unk and Fabo.

Click here to download an MP3 of “Cupid Shuffle.”


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