Ellen Thanks President Obama For Supporting Same-Sex Marriage


Ellen On Obama & Same-Sex Marriage

“What an amazing day for our country. President Obama just came out in support of same sex marriage, and I say wow,” Ellen DeGeneres announced to her audience as they enthusiastically shared their support by applause.

Here is the rest of Ellen’s comments about the President’s groundbreaking statement.


Ellen Thanks President Obama

Following his newsmaking comments in support of same sex marriage, Ellen DeGeneres expressed her gratitude to President Barack Obama. (Image Credit: Paolo Vairo / Shutterstock.com)

“There have been moments in history when someone has had the courage to stand up for what they believe in, and that one action changes everything, and I hope that this is one of those times. It takes a brave man to take a stand like this, especially in an election year. So Mr. President, to you I say, ‘Thank you very, very, very much. Thank you.’”

Ellen DeGeneres then led her studio audience in a standing ovation for the President.


Ellen: Average Person Says 10,000 Words Daily

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres and her staff are about to celebrate a major milestone for her talk show? After nine seasons on the air, in May 2012 Ellen will celebrate her 1500th show.

“That’s a lot of talking, a lot of words. I just read the average person says 10,000 words a day,” Ellen said, though she isn’t sure what that really means. Does the average include babies and monks? Also, who are the people on the highest end of the spectrum. They can’t all be sitting next to us on airplanes.

Ellen thinks we use too many words by asking unnecessary questions and stating the obvious. I know you have friends like this, who constantly point out the weather or other obvious circumstances.

“The more words you say, the more likely you’re going to say something that’s wrong and get yourself in trouble,” Ellen said, mentioning the classic scenario of mistaking someone for being pregnant.

Ellen: What’s Wrong With These Photos

Ellen also highlighted more of your viewer submitted strange or unexplained photos. Here are some of the day’s featured submissions.

  • Burt in New York shared a screen grab from his cable TV program guide, which featured a show called “The Hunt For Lincoln’s Ass…”
  • Debbie from Australia sent in a Target ad featuring a model who was Photoshopped to have three hands.
  • Jade of California took a picture of her broken door to show a salesman, but didn’t realize her bra and panties outfit was being reflected in the glass.

“Do all of you walk around your house naked all the time?” Ellen wondered. “I can’t believe how many pictures I get of naked people.”

Ellen Live Commercial: Massage Envy

Ellen knows how to make that money, and one of her newest income streams is live commercials during the show. Today, she invited staff writer Amy to join her as she extolled the virtues of the Massage Envy chain of therapy locations.

To get Amy stressed out before she could relax, Ellen had a stranger sneak up to terrify her. “You didn’t see that coming, and you’re not going to see anything else coming,” Ellen said, making Amy wear goggles.

Ellen made Amy eat a spoonful of Pop Rocks, which seems like it could cause her to choke. Next, she got blasted with air. She also tortured Amy with a rubber snake, which seems to get people every time.

Now that she was completely stressed out, Ellen laid Amy on a massage table. Don’t let Ellen give you a massage. You are probably better off at Massage Envy, and Ellen gave the studio audience $100 gift cards, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Ellen Dance Song: “Lonely Boy”

Ellen and the studio audience were jamming to The Black Keys’ “Lonely Boy” on today’s episode.


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