Ellen: Steven Tyler on Charlie Sheen, Lady Gaga & Snooki


Ellen: Steven Tyler Control Room Prank

Ellen shared a video of singer and American Idol judge Steven Tyler going undercover in the show’s control room, posing as a janitor and trying to sweep the floor under the seats of producers during the live show.

He was there to surprise Diana, a member of Ellen’s staff. There are a lot of people working in her control room during a show. “I love you so much,” Diana Horn, the show’s assistant director, told Steven.


Back on the set, Ellen explained that Diane has been hounding her for awhile to have Steven as a guest on the show.

Ellen: Steven Tyler’s Daughter Liv Tyler

Ellen: Steven Tyler on Charlie Sheen

Steven Tyler said he would love to chat with Charlie Sheen and shared his thoughts on Lady Gaga with Ellen. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Steven Tyler said his daughter, actress Liv Tyler, recently went to the Golden Globe Awards. Read about Ellen’s Golden Globes Reactions.


He said his other children, Taj, Chelsea, and Mia, were at home because his grandfather Frank recently passed away. But on the whole, everyone is doing well.

Ellen: Steven Tyler Word Association

Ellen said she loves how unpredictable and hilarious Steven is as an American Idol judge. She likes the funny phrases he comes up with for describing contestants and performances. That’s why she asked him to weigh in on some photos of famous people and spout the first thing that comes to his mind.

Here is what Steven Tyler had to say.

  • On Mick Jagger: “My father.”
  • On Joe Perry: “My brother.”
  • On Ryan Seacrest: “The man.”
  • For his fiancee, Erin Brady, he simply purred, eventually pulling out a Latin phrase.
  • For former Idol judge Simon Cowell, he made cat fighting noises. Simon is now Steven’s competition as a judge on The X Factor.
  • On Snooki: Steven didn’t seem to know who she was, so he rhymed and said “Wookie.”
  • On Charlie Sheen: “My brother. Dude, we need a meeting.”
  • On Lady Gaga: “Good friend of mine. I love her spunk and spirit.”

Steven added that Lady Gaga was in a small club of Women With Guts, which he said includes fellow members Madonna and Ellen.

Ellen: Steven Tyler Scarf

Since he loves his neckwear on American Idol, Ellen gifted Steven with a scarf, but the joke was that it was very long and seemingly never ending.

Steven Tyler appears as a judge on American Idol, Wednesday and Thursday nights on Fox.


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