Ellen: Steve Spangler Science Guy Crushes 55 Gallon Drum


Ellen: Steve Spangler

Ellen DeGeneres grabbed some goggles and put the Fire Marshall on standby for her guest, Science Guy Steve Spangler.

I, for one, am glad that Science Guy Bill Nye finally has some competition in his field. Ellen said she likes to be surprised during the science segments, so she doesn’t let anyone warn her about what’s going to happen.


Ellen: Steve Spangler Science

Ellen crushed a 55 gallon drum using steam and water, with Steve Spangler, of YouTube's The Spangler Effect.

Steve Spangler Science Guy

Steve used a bowling ball on rope suspended from the ceiling to demonstrate the same energy that is at work when you push a child on the swingset. The harder you push them, the more energy you create, and the higher they go.

After decapitating a dummy, Steve tried to use Ellen to replace it. But when she refused, he suggested she recruit a friend, and she invited producer Ellen onstage.


How A Swing Creates Energy

Steve brought the bowling ball all the way up to Lauren’s nose, and told her not to move. She stood with her back against a wall as he got the ball moving. He promised it wouldn’t fly back and hit her in the face.

As predicted, the bowling ball swung back and forth, but did not come close to even grazing Lauren’s face.

Crushing Soda Cans: Science Experiment

Steve Spangler showed some empty soda cans that needed to be crushed before going into the recycling bin. But he said crushing them takes too much energy, so he came up with another way.

He put a little water in the bottom each can and put them over low heat to create steam. The plan was to submerge the cans in cold water and let energy do the crushing.

Steve had Ellen put a steaming can upside down in the water. It made a popping noise and was crumpled.

Steve Spangler: Crushing A Steel Drum

Steve decided to super size this experiment, using a 55 gallon steel drum and a plastic kiddie pool. Steve’s assistant sealed the drum to trap the steam inside. Then they submerged the drum in the kiddie pool, which was full of ice.

As Steve’s assistant poured cold water on the drum, it made a loud pop and crumpled like the soda can. “If you ever need to crush a 55 gallon drum, now you know how,” he said.

Steve Spangler YouTube: The Spangler Effect

Ellen said you can watch Steve on YouTube. His original series is called The Spangler Effect.

You can watch The Spangler Effect on YouTube.


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