Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin with Andy Zenor


Ellen: Andy Zenor Goes To Ireland

Working on The Ellen DeGeneres Show has got to be confusing. Sometimes you are diving into a vat of guacamole. Other times you are being sent to report on St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Ireland.

At least, those are the duties if you’re Andy Zenor. Read about Andy’s Guacamole Dive.


Ellen shared highlights of Andy’s recent trip to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. Read about St. Patrick’s Day Dance Dares.

Ellen: Andy Zenor in Ireland

Ellen sent her friend Andy Zenor to report on the St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Dublin, Ireland.

Ellen: St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Andy went to Dublin and brought back beautiful shots of the city’s scenery and architecture. Andy wore an odd outfit, consisting of a green sport coat and short shorts, that drew stares from strangers.


He made sure to visit the Guinness Storehouse, where he met some women who did not speak English, or at least did not want to answer his questions.

Ellen: Irish Sheep Farming

Next, Andy visited the Mellon Family Farm, where he interviewed a sheep farmer. The stoic Pat said his family has been farming sheep for generations.

Pat taught Andy about herding sheep, which requires the assistance of a trained dog. Pat’s dog was named Socks, and he ran with Andy across the field to herd the sheep. The dog did a much better job wrangling the sheep than Andy did.

Ellen: Guinness Storehouse Kitchen

Back at the Guinness Storehouse, Andy snuck into the kitchen and chatted with executive chef Justin O’Connor.

He taught Andy how to make Guinness Chocolate Mousse, which he promised would put hair on Andy’s chest. The process included chocolate and Guinness, which Andy helped himself to.

Thanks to the chef’s training, the mousse came out looking great and Justin and Andy agreed it tasted perfect.

Ellen: Andy in Ireland

Andy met Irish Senator David Morris and asked him to say, “Party rock is in the house tonight,” kicking off a montage of Andy doing Irish jigs around Dublin and even leaving behind some graffiti of the Ellen logo.

Read about Ellen’s Irish Dance Dare Jigs.

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

Finally, Andy rode on a float in the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin. Apparently Ellen is popular over there, because everyone said they loved the show. Even the Irish President, Michael Higgins, waved at Andy in the parade.

I guess it’s worth diving into guacamole if it means you also get to take the occasional trip to Ireland. Back in the studio, he told Ellen that she is much beloved and suggested that she take her own trip to Ireland in the future.


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