Ellen: Sleep Number iLE Bed Half Off Sale & David Beckham Underwear Ad


Ellen: Random Acts Of Kindness Week

Ellen: Sleep Number iLE Bed Half Off Sale & David Beckham Underwear Ad

David Beckham’s underwear ad was a great act of kindness according to Ellen. (Photo Works / Shutterstock.com)

It’s “Kick In The Kindness” week on Ellen. All week she has been surprising people who have done good deeds with money and gifts. She’s already given away tickets to a Justin Bieber concert and Shutterfly has given away over $300,000.


Ellen said that 16-year-old Ashley Monroe went around her high school and put post-it notes on everyone’s locker with “You’re Beautiful.” She said that whatever you do this week you should do something kind. You could shovel someone’s driveway, write a post-it note of encouragement or give someone a back rub on a bus.

Ellen: David Beckham Underwear Ad

Ellen’s favorite act of kindness this week was David Beckham’s new underwear ad. Thank you, David Beckham. Making the world a better place, one ab at a time.

Ellen: Audience Singing

Ellen’s audience tried to sing Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Emphasis on tried.


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Ellen Underwear Model Contest

Speaking of underwear models, Ellen is looking for her first Ellen underwear model! If you have what it takes, you can buy a pair of Ellen undies at her online store or in the Ellen store. Matthew Terry, Calvin Klein underwear model, set the example last week.

Travis from Canada went hardcore and lay in the snow in his boots and briefs. Ellen was impressed so he is getting an Ellen hoodie. Jill sent in a picture of her husband and son, but they weren’t wearing Ellen underwear. Her son looked pretty good, but her husband…avert your eyes.

Ellen picked Jeremy from Cincinnati as her underwear model of the day. He sent in about 50 photos of himself in different poses, proving his commitment to the job.

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Ellen: Sleep Number Sale

Ellen said she is a great Valentine. This Valentine’s day she recommended a Sleep Number bed. If you head over to EllenTV.com you can get half off the Sleep Number iLE bed. Ellen bought 400 for her audience members as an early Valentine.



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    I love Ellen’s show. She is hilarious. There is never a dull moment in the show. She also gives many great prizes to people in the studio. What I wanted was when she gave the some people a sleep number bed. I could’ve been one of those lucky winners had I been in the studio. 🙁

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