Ellen & Portia de Rossi Melbourne Girls School & Georgia Perry Sings


Ellen & Portia de Rossi Melbourne Girls School & Georgia Perry Sings

Ellen and Portia visited Melbourne Girls School in Australia, where Portia was once a student. Georgia Perry, a current student, sang at Ellen’s event.

Portia de Rossi’s Grammar School in Melbourne

Eager to stir up some fun and disrupt the school day, Ellen and Portia de Rossi visited a Portia’s grammar school in Melbourne. The girls were thrilled to meet Ellen and their famous fellow student. They brought Gluteus Mikesimus with them. That really disrupted the class.


Ellen took over the loudspeaker and tried to dismiss school, but they stopped her. I liked when Ellen visited the library and shushed people. It produced more screaming than whispers.

She took the loud speaker for her own karaoke machine.

“P.S. if anyone has Bieber Fever, please head to the nurse’s office,” she announced.


That really would be the best school day ever.

Ellen: Georgia Perry Sings at Melbourne Girls School

While visiting the Melbourne Girls School with Portia, Ellen went into a classroom and found her own locker set up. Inside were things any normal school girl would have: pictures of Justin Bieber. She then welcomed questions from the class. On darling uniform clad teen, Georgia Perry, was encouraged by her friends to sing a song for Ellen. She was embarrassed, but they pulled her up and she belted out “New York State of Mind.” Her voice truly was great. Ellen invited Georgia to sing at her show the next day in Melbourne.

Ellen Surprises a Deserving Family & Donates $10,000 to Cancer Foundation

After Ellen’s big graffiti contest, she surprised one of her contestants from Portia’s hometown. His family popped out from the front row and the greeted Ellen. The father has struggled the last few years after being diagnosed with leukemia. The mother quit working and she’s decided to keep volunteering at the hospital instead of going back to work.

Ellen turned the board around and announced that they had won $10,000. The family decided to donate the money to the cancer foundation that helped them during their time in the hospital.

Ellen Visits Swisse Offices With Portia de Rossi

The people responsible for bringing Ellen to Australia, Swisse Wellness, have done a lot for Ellen’s fans. She visited their offices to thank the workers in person. From the CEO of Swisse to the hard workers in sales, everyone got to meet Ellen. The brand said that Ellen DeGeneres celebrates everything they’re about and Ellen feels the same about Swisse.


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