Ellen: Pink Slime Ground Beef Controversy Update


Ellen: Pink Slime Controversy

Have you heard about the Pink Slime controversy in the news? Though this has been going on for awhile, it’s really caught fire lately, with grocery stores and fast food restaurants being called out for using Pink Slime in the meat they sell.

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“I might be biased because I don’t eat meat,” Ellen said. “But I also know that whatever you eat, pink slime should not be a part of it.”

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Ellen: Pink Slime

Ellen DeGeneres weighed in on the Pink Slime ground beef controversy.


Ellen: What Is Pink Slime

Ellen explained that Pink Slime is made of “animal scraps…and connective tissue,” which she called disgusting, comparing it to finding used gum under a table or chair and putting it in your mouth. Ammonia is also added to these animal byproducts to kill bacteria.

She said that there are no regulations requiring sellers to mention that they use Pink Slime in their meat. “They can call it 100% ground beef when it’s not?” she said. “That’s like buying sheets that say 100% cotton, but they have thumbtacks in them.”

Ellen said we have to question our food providers and educate ourselves about what we are eating. She said that it’s important to take steps to protect our health.

Have you been paying attention to the Pink Slime Controversy? Are you going to change your habits because of it?

Ellen: Clumsy Thumbsy Text Messages

Ellen featured more viewer submitted silly text messages. Autocorrect is not your friend, as you can see in these messages.

Andreas from Oregon sent one in:

  • how was last night
  • omg I was so drunk at one point I impregnated your dad so well!!!!
  • ………..EXCUSE ME
  • OH GOD

Ellen AutoCorrect Text Messages: Crack Pipe

Here is another from Ellen in Alabama.

  • What?
  • OMG

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Ellen: Ali Shields American Idol

Ellen invited audience member Ali Shields to sit down with her for a chat. Ali wrote a YouTube song about meeting Ellen, and Ellen invited her on the show after seeing her video.

That was in November 2010, and since then she auditioned for the new season of American Idol. She made it to Hollywood Week in the competition, and she said Ellen had inspired her to pursue her singing talents.

Now Ellen is sending Ali as a correspondent to the upcoming Academy of Country Music Awards. If you ask me, Ellen is using her audience members as cheap labor.

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Ellen: Kitchen Bike Trick Video

Ellen showed a viral video of a guy attempting to do a bike trick in his kitchen. Instead, he crashed and fell on the floor.

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Ellen Dance Song: “I Know You Want Me”

Ellen and her audience got down to the Pitbull song “I Know You Want Me.”

Download an MP3 of “I Know You Want Me” by Pitbull.


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