Ellen: Next CoverGirl Contest & Michelle Obama White House Quiz


Ellen: Grammy Photos

Ellen had so much fun at the Grammys she wanted to share her photos from the night. She introduced Justin Timberlake with Beyoncé. The photo shows her looking at Bey’s mouth and she said she was looking to make sure she didn’t lip sync. It’s all good though! Ellen can verify that Bey did talk live.

She took a lot of great photos with her wife, Portia. Kelly Clarkson got them in a photo bomb. They took a photo with Katy Perry that is all over the internet. Ellen said Katy lost an earring and she thought it might have been in her cleavage.


Ellen sat backstage with a guitar and a cup on the floor. She said people thought it was ridiculous, but Jay Z walked by and she made $80,000.

Ellen: Winter Storm Nemo

Ellen: Next CoverGirl Contest & Michelle Obama White House Quiz

Ellen sent her pal Rainer and Atticus on a special tour of the White House with the First Lady & First Dog.


Ellen isn’t pleased that the Weather Channel named the horrid winter storm Nemo. She said that everyone up north should “just keep shoveling, just keep shoveling.”

Ellen: Classic Joke Tuesday

Why did the sea monster eat five ships that were carrying potatoes?

Because no one can eat just one potato ship.

Ellen: Next CoverGirl Contest

Ellen and CoverGirl are looking for the next CoverGirl! If you or someone you know is beautiful inside and out, you can apply here. The winner will get their own CoverGirl shoot, an ad in People Magazine and $20,000.

Ellen: Rainer & Atticus White House Trip

Two adorable boys named Rainer and Atticus caught Ellen’s attention and she sent them on an amazing White House visit last week. They got a special tour and could identify all the Presidents by their portraits and give what number president they were. Rainer said that her and his brother had been to the National Portrait Gallery twice and it was better than Disney.

Ellen: First Lady Michelle Obama White House Quiz

They got a special visit from First Lady Michelle Obama and First Dog Bo. She gave them White House cookies and a White House history quiz, which they aced. They watched President Obama get into his helicopter and fly off. All in all, an excellent day at the White House!


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